Stephen Amell Doesn't Care About Iron Fist-Arrow Comparisons

One is the long-lost son of a billionaire family who returns home after years of training to fight crime as a vigilante, and the other is ... well, kind of similar. But which hero is Green Arrow and which is Iron Fist?

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This week Netflix debuted the first trailer for "Marvel's Iron Fist," which laid out the origin of Finn Jones' Daniel Rand, the lone survivor of a plane crash who becomes a master of the martial arts, and the wielder of the Iron Fist, before resurfacing in New York City to reclaim his family's business and combat dark forces.

For some viewers of "Arrow," the backstory presented in the teaser looked a lot like what they saw unfold on the first season of the CW drama, in which Stephen Amell's billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is shipwrecked on a mysterious island, where he learns archery skills, only to return home after five years to fight crime. And during a Q&A on Amell's Facebook page, the "Arrow" star was asked whether he agrees with fan observations about similarities between the two superhero series. His response was brief and to the point.

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"I could care less!" Amell wrote, offering no elaboration.

As presented in the Netflix trailer, the "Iron Fist" origin doesn't appear to stray too far from its comic book roots, although the plane crash differs from the original telling. "Arrow," meanwhile, borrows heavily from the retelling of Oliver Queen's backstory in the 2007 DC Comics miniseries "Green Arrow: Year One."

"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "Marvel's Iron Fist" debuts March 17 on Netflix.

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