Stephen Amell Has Been in Contact With American Ninja Warrior

Stephen Amell is still teasing a possible appearance on "American Ninja Warrior"eventually.

The "Arrow" star said earlier this year that fans at Salt Lake City Comic Con had "pushed" him over the edge into a possible 2017 appearance on the upcoming ninth season of the NBC competition series, which pits contestants against challenging obstacle courses in hopes of making it to the top of Mt. Midoriyama and winning the $1 million prize.

Now, Amell says the show's producers have actually reached out to him about appearing. However, while he is still interested, time might stop him from taking on the course.

"They've reached out to me to do 'American Ninja Warrior,'" he said at a Heroes & Villains Fan Fest convention panel, according to ComicBook.com. "We'll see. One of the things that I'm learning now as someone that has a big responsibility at the head of a television show and has some business interests and is a husband and a father-- priorities not being in that order -- I don't want to stretch myself too thin, and I wouldn't want to do something if I couldn't put my heart and soul into it."

If Amell did decide to compete on "American Ninja Warrior," he would join "Supergirl" stuntwoman Jessie Graff, who became the first-ever woman to complete Stage One of the Las Vegas Finals course during her Season Eight run.

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