Stephen Amell Flies High in WWE Debut

After months of feuding on Twitter and a physical confrontation on "Monday Night Raw," the WWE superstar known as Stardust finally got his star-spangled hands on actor Stephen Amell tonight at the SummerSlam pay-per-view event in Brooklyn, New York.

The "Arrow" star -- and longtime WWE fan -- teamed with superstar Neville in a match against Stardust and King Barrett -- or "Cosmic King" Barrett, as Stardust, "The Prince of Dark Matter," dubbed him. Following a comic book-style promo for the match, Amell entered the arena, as expected, in a green hood to join "The Man That Gravity Forgot" against the two villains, who commentator (and sometimes comic artist) Jerry Lawler said "could make the Joker stop laughing."

The comic book references would continue throughout the match's commentary, with mentions of the Flash and Thor's hammer. Stardust channeled his best internal super villain (Granny Goodness, perhaps?) before and during the match, as he and Barrett gave Amell a beating. But the man who will play Casey Jones in the next "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" backed up everything he said on Raw last week, giving as good as he got and getting in several impressive moves of his own.

Among many other moves, Amell took a suplex from Stardust and several knee shots from Barrett while wrapped up in the ropes, as well as an outside-of-the-ring beatdown from Stardust when the referee's back, naturally, was turned. While the announcers were willing to write Amell off, the actor bounced back and delivered several moves of his own -- including an enziguri kick to Stardust and an impressive flying leap off the top rope onto both Barrett and Stardust as they stood outside the ring.

While Amell proved himself in the ring, it would be Neville, master of the Red Arrow finishing move, who would finish off King Barrett with a corkscrew shooting star press.

Amell wasn't the only Hollywood presence at the show -- tonight's PPV was hosted by former talk show host John Stewart, who appeared in a backstage segment with Amell, Neville and Stewart's son, whose shirt Amell autographed -- which Stewart humorously asked Amell not to make it out to his son, presumably so he can sell it later on eBay.

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