Stephen Amell Shoots Down Arrow Season 7 Rumor

Stephen Amell Arrow Season 6 finale

Oliver Queen may be set for a long stint behind bars, as star Stephen Amell has debunked a rumor about Arrow's upcoming seventh season.

With Queen locked up at the end of Season 6, fans were left questioning how it will be before Green Arrow is set free and back to defend Star City. Striking a deal with Agent Watson to protect the rest of the team and help evade Ricardo Diaz, Oliver came out as the Green Arrow and pleaded guilty to the crimes he was accused of by the FBI. Ending on a cliffhanger, Season 6 parted with Queen facing an unknown amount of time at the supermax prison The Slab.

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A recent rumor suggested that Queen will only serve time for three episodes before he's back to his vigilante ways. But posting on Twitter, Amell responded simply, "False."

While audiences are no closer to finding how long Queen will serve in The Slab, it sounds as if that could take up a chunk of Season 7. Of course, Amell could be toying with fans, and it might actually be for fewer than three episodes. For all anyone knows, Arrow could return with Queen set free to help aid the rest of the team in some dire situation.

Considering that Queen's superhero identity is out and that The Slab houses many of those he has put away over the past six seasons, a prison storyline could make for some compelling TV. Seeing Green Arrow come face to face with those he has imprisoned is one way to ratchet up the drama as Arrow heads into a new era. Also, let's not forget that writer/producer David S. Goyer once planned a Green Arrow movie that involved the archer escaping from a supermax prison. Although the project fell into development hell, The CW could pay homage to those plans in Season 7.

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With Colton Haynes also rejoining Arrow as a series regular in Season 7, it seems likely something dangerous will force the family to come back together and find some new recruits.

Remembering that The Flash's similar storyline of Barry Allen wrongly imprisoned received a less than warm reception, The CW may have a chance to get it right with Arrow's stretch behind bar. With Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl heading to Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 21, fans may not have to wait much longer to find out more.

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