Stephen Amell and Stardust's WWE feud inspires fan art

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell makes the leap -- and based on the moves he showed last week, "leap" is exactly the right word -- from actor and pro wrestling fan to WWE Superstar for one night this Sunday at "WWE SummerSlam," teaming up with Neville against Stardust (who he's sparred with over social media for weeks) and Wade Barrett.

Amell is far from the first celebrity to participate in a pro wrestling match -- Jay Leno, of all people, did so back in 1998 -- but the overlap between wrestling fans, genre TV fans and comic book fans have generated keen interest in the affair (along with the fact that the parkour-training Amell probably will be able to do some pretty impressive things inside the ring). With that type of interest, of course, comes a ton of fan art.

Artist Danny Haas illustrated this image, which resembles an old-school fight poster:

And was used as the basis for recently unveiled t-shirts officially promoting the match, which will raise money for Toronto-based children's hospice Emily's House:

Artist Lord Mesa has taken an imaginative look at what a chibified version of Amell -- well, technically Arrow -- may be capable of inside the ring predicting what his signature moves may look like. There's the "Nock Lock," which looks similar to Kurt Angle's ankle lock (or Jack Swagger's Patriot Lock, for a more contemporary WWE reference):

And the "Slammin Ladder," a reference to the difficult salmon ladder training exercise that Oliver Queen has utilized. It looks like a top-rope Razor's Edge, which sounds super-dangerous if employed in real life:

On Instagram, Lord Mesa also showed off an illustration featuring all four participants in Sunday's match:

DeviantArt user Oreomega95 employed a more traditional superhero style in this image, seeing "Green Arrow" and Stardust squaring off:

"WWE SummerSlam" takes place Sunday, Aug. 23 at the Barclays Center, and airs live on the WWE Network.

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