Always On-Point: 15 Times Stephen Amell Was A Real-Life Superhero

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, most of them wield amazing powers that we mere mortals only dream of. Some superheroes, however, are just men with really fun toys and a kick-ass CrossFit routine that gets them pumped up for fighting bad guys. Then, there are real-life superheroes. As soon as the CW released the first promotional photos of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in 2012, he was minted as a superhero. He really looked the part, not so much because of the green leather or the quiver of arrows, but because of his ripped abs and jacked-up pecs. Those Arrow posters nabbed everyone's attention, but Amell would go on to prove that he is much more than just a beefcake.

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For the past five years, Stephen Amell has been a friend to fans and a champion of causes. He frequently takes to social media not only to check in with fans about what's happening on set, but also to voice his opinions on big issues, like marriage equality and sexism. He's a superhero in real-life because he seems more like a friend than a superstar, and he always fights for what he believes in. CBR has been paying attention, and here, we've collected 15 times Stephen Amell proved to be a superhero in real life.


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No words.

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Stephen Amell is a long-time fan of the WWE. In interviews, he as made it clear that he loves attending Wrestlemania, (he is seen here above with Triple H) and openly admires the physical prowess the wrestlers have to maintain, just so they can serve up a smackdown or two inside the ring.

In 2015, Amell got to live out his dream of being a WWE wrestler. First, Amell and some pro wrestlers took pot shots at each other on social media. In a Facebook video, Amell basically threatened that, when the WWE rolled through the Northwest, he would be there. Then, at SummerSlam 2015, Amell teamed up with Neville to take on Stardust and King Barrett. In one memorable move, he climbed on the ropes and flew through the air. Amell and his fans hope that he'll have a chance to get back in the ring soon!


Ah, the famous salmon ladder. It's Felicity's and the fans' favorite piece of training equipment in the Arrow cave. Well, it's not the equipment that attracts a lot of attention so much as Stephen Amell's astounding climb, usually shirtless. Occasionally, another member of Team Arrow gives it a shot. Watching them fail at it has become a running gag.

It's hard to believe Amell had little to no stunt training before he became the Green Arrow. Amell posted this video on how to use the salmon ladder on his Facebook account. Even his trainer, Ankur, who appears in the video, seems amazed at Amell's progress up the ladder. He starts with "just a chin-up," which would end just about anyone else's attempt to move that bar.


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Heroes & Villains & me.

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The International Comic-Con in San Diego has become Hollywood's number one stop for promoting genre movies and TV shows, which means A-list actors are usually in attendance. Stephen Amell, however, makes the rounds at a variety of comic-cons around the world. He's visited cons in cities all over the U.S. and Canada, as well as Heroes & Villains in London (pictured above). He seems to genuinely appreciate his fans at home and abroad.

While he is at fan conventions, he makes himself as accessible as a TV star can. In addition to his more official duties, like attending panels and autograph signings, he poses for casual photos and meets with fans. He frequently gives shout-outs to fans he meets on Facebook, and his Instagram feed includes some sweet photos with kids.


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Game changing scenes are fun.

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Grant Gustin debuted as the Flash to record-breaking numbers. Arrowverse fans may remember that Gustin originally guest-starred as Barry Allen on Arrow's second season. He moved onto his own series in 2014, which was the highest-rated premiere ever on the CW. Gustin and The Flash nabbed headlines everywhere.

However, only two episodes into the inaugural season of The Flash, Warner Bros. announced their ambitious slate of upcoming feature films. Part of the announcement was that Ezra Miller would be playing the Flash, not Grant Gustin. Soon after, Amell appeared on the Arrow After Show, where they asked him how he felt about the DCEU being separate from the Arrowverse on TV. He expressed his frustration and disappointment that Warner Bros. would trample Gustin's break-out success with their big news. His interview went viral.


After Stephen Amell's rant about Warner Bros. stealing Grant Gustin's thunder, the media went crazy. Fans of Arrow and The Flash were practically frothing at the mouth. However, Amell later amended his statement to say he wasn't angry with Warner Bros. about their casting choices. Instead, he was upset that they didn't give Grant Gustin "more berth" after the series premiere.

In fact, in 2016 at Salt Lake Comic-Con, Amell set the record straight. He proved that he is gracious in all things, including Hollywood business. During the Arrow panel, with co-star David Ramsey, Amell explained that he didn't mind if someone else got cast as the Green Arrow in the DCEU. He said he didn't have a claim on the character, just like everyone who played the Green Arrow before him.


When Stephen Amell was cast as Oliver Queen in Arrow, he hadn't had much training for stunts and martial arts. But he's a successful actor because, in addition to looking like an Adonis, he works hard at everything he does, including physical training. He frequently does his own stunts on Arrow, and almost gleefully shares his personal bests on social media.

Why keep all that physical training on Arrow? Amell competed in Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day last May, along with several other well-sculpted actors and actresses. He completely crushed the first course, which included incredibly difficult fly-wheels. He advanced to the second course that kicked off with a salmon ladder, naturally. He didn't complete the second course, but still wound up raising $35,000 for charity.


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FC w Mom.

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In 2012, Stephen Amell's mother, Sandra, was undergoing chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. On one particular day, the two of them took a random photo outside of a bar in Toronto that showed Amell giving cancer the finger. As it turned out, there was already a charity called F--- Cancer. They spotted the photo and contacted Amell.

He jumped at the chance to work with them through Represent. They designed and sold a t-shirt with his image. Thanks to his enormous social media following, and the fans around the world who could relate to his and his mother's story, Represent raised over $1 million dollars for education and providing support to those affected by cancer. Amell has continued to raise money for F--- Cancer with an annual t-shirt sale.


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What a day.

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Although Stephen Amell has been the star of Arrow for five seasons, some viewers may not realize that he's from Canada. His Canadian pride especially shows through when he roots for his favorite baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. In June, Amell stepped up to the plate for batting practice with his favorite team.

He's done more for the Blue Jays, however, than hit some singles. In 2015, Amell used the power of his social media following to get Josh Donaldson voted into the All-Star game. He did the same thing again in 2017, this time for Justin Smoak. (Yes, the same last name as Felicity.) He and the Blue Jays urged fans to use #SmoaktheVote. Amell's fans came through and Smoak will play first base for the American League.


In 2012, Stephen Amell was headed to a Toronto Blue Jays game in San Franciso with his buddy, Andrew Harding. The two of them wound up spending two days in Paso Robles, California, a lesser-known wine country. Their experience prompted them to co-found a wine company that would shine a spotlight on world-class wine regions that aren't commonly known.

They named their wine company Nocking Point, as a nod to Amell's work. Their wines bear striking labels, including one designed by DC comic book artist Jim Lee. While they sell cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and pinot noir, they also sell blends that are based on their lives and experiences, like NERD HQ Rosé for the International Comic-Con in San Diego, and "NIGHTMARE" GSM for Cody Rhodes, a.k.a. The American Nightmare.


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The Cup.

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Like just about every other Canadian child, Stephen Amell grew up playing hockey. He wasn't a huge hockey fan, though, until he moved to Los Angeles and went to a Kings game with his cousin, Robbie Amell. The two of them frequently post pictures of themselves at the LA Kings rink.

Amell got to put his skating skills to work in 2016. He starred in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows as Casey Jones, the hockey-loving vigilante who teams up with April and the turtles on the half-shell. He also displayed his love of the sport during the 2017 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend, where he and other stars, like Robbie Amell, went head-to-head in a trivia game against NHL legends Luc Robitaille, Eric Lindros and Valeri Bure.


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Firestorm on the Arrow set. But why?

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Some might call it nepotism, while others might call it marketing genius. No matter what it is, the CW's decision to cast Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell's cousin, as another member of the Arrowverse was a treat for fans. The CW had worked with Robbie before when he starred on The Tomorrow People, so they were already familiar with him when they cast him as Firestorm on The Flash.

Stephen was quick to congratulate his cousin after the CW made the announcement...

The two cousins are clearly close. Not only did they get to work together on crossover episodes, they're starring together in Code 8, directed by Jeff Chan. The Amells helped raise over $1.7 million on Indiegogo, the crowd-funding website, for the film, which will be released in 2018.


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Heroes in a half shell... So good to be back.

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A lot of celebrities have a huge following on social media, but Stephen Amell takes it to another level. His social media channel of choice is Facebook, for a couple of reasons. First, he has said that he doesn't like the fact that Twitter makes it easy for trolls to create fake accounts. Second, he likes that he can communicate directly with fans in more than just 140 characters, like in his live Q&As.

Amell was one of the first actors to reach over 1 million followers on Facebook. Now, he has over 5 million, and he uses that power for the good. When he wanted to support his favorite baseball player, he called on his Facebook fans to vote for him. He also frequently calls on his legion of fans to support his charity work.


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She adventures me so good.

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Long before social media existed, tabloid newspapers loved to rake celebrities over the coals when they had a misstep in their personal lives, especially when it came to their marriages. From Eddie Fisher, to Mick Jagger, to Tom Cruise, to Ben Affleck, when a man leaves his woman, the gossip rags go crazy.

Happily, social media and the tabloids have no reason to go after Stephen Amell. He seems crazy about his lovely wife, Cassandra Jean. His Instagram feed is full of photos of the couple rocking Coachella, lifting a pint or enjoying a vacation (like this photo). And he has no problem telling the world how happy she makes him. She must be an amazing woman to endure Amell's long shooting schedule and hordes of crazy fans.


Stephen Amell and his positive view of the world extend beyond his TV show, his castmates and his family. When the U.S. Supreme Court was grappling with the issue of marriage equality, he posted a message on Facebook that said, "Marriage - and all the benefits that come with it - should be available to everybody."

He has also been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community. For instance, in an interview with E!, he said he was happy and excited for Colton Haynes, who had recently come out. Amell has also expressed his support for co-star John Barrowman, who is openly gay. Then, this past spring, Amell made a special stop in Orlando at the Pulse nighttclub (seen here), where 49 people sadly lost their lives during a shooting.


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Flying halfway across the world is easy cause this.

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It's obvious to his fans that family is very important to Stephen Amell. He's buddies with his cousin, Robbie Amell, and can't resist posting lots of photos of himself and his wife. He's also very close to his mother, Sandra. It only makes sense that Amell would be a fantastic father.

Amell's daughter, Mavi, was born on October 15, 2013. Since then, Amell has expressed nothing but sheer joy about being a father. He posts lots of photos with his daughter that have included bean bag tosses, hair clips in his beard, playing dolls, the obligatory naptime picture and even a video of getting a pedicure from his pint-sized cosmetologist. Although plenty of mothers shuddered when they saw the above picture on Instagram, lots of fathers were digging the action.

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