Stephanie Brown fans launch 'Waffles For Stephanie' mail campaign

Not satisfied with the recent announcement that Stephanie Brown will debut as Nightwing in the digital-first Smallville Season 11, hopeful fans of the superheroine are mounting a campaign to convince DC Comics to reintroduce the former Robin and Batgirl into its main universe.

Taking a cue from die-hard viewers of Jericho, who mailed more than 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters in an effort to secure a second season, the people behind "Waffles For Stephanie" are asking fans to mail (you guessed it) waffles to DC Comics on Aug. 10, along with a letter explaining why the character deserves a place beyond Smallville.

"It can be anything from a small note saying how you want to see more Steph to an essay on why you think Steph is an important part of the Batman Family," states the introduction on the campaign's blog. "What we DON’T want is ranting or complaining about replacing Stephanie with Babs or hearing about how much the current Batgirl series sucks compared to BQM’s [Bryan Q. Miller's] run with Steph. Please try to be civil, as we want to be taken seriously."

So why waffles? Just as Jericho devotees settled on nuts because of a scene from the drama, organizers of the Stephanie campaign selected waffles because of the food's recurring role in her Batgirl series. "To paraphrase Stephanie in the first issue: 'Waffles. [A] new way of bonding …' To borrow some words from some fellow supporters, throughout the book waffles appear symbolizing, as the quote says, bonding. In fact, the first time we see Stephanie out of costume, her mother is giving her waffles for breakfast."

The reasoning behind the date is just as sound: Aug. 10 was when Batgirl was canceled, and also when Stephanie will be introduced in Smallville. "As such, we intend to celebrate Stephanie’s return after going missing for a year by showing DC how much we care," the introduction states.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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