Stelfreeze, Carey & Jenkins Declare "I Am BOOM!"

While the big two superhero houses continue to build out their respective relaunches, some of the other players in the monthly comics game have been working to sign some of the name talent left out of Marvel and DC's creative churn for more personal projects.

Amongst those trying to make wave with fan favorite creators is BOOM! Studios who this week launched their new "I Am BOOM!" campaign as part of the ComicsPRO retailer enclave in Georgia. There, the publisher showed off videos spotlighting some of the talents who have been creating for the company including Paul Jenkins whose "Deathmatch" is in stores now and Mike Carey who recently announced a new series "Suicide Risk" with the publisher.

However, one more creator showed up in the videos who many were unaware was joining the BOOM! roster: artist Brian Stelfreeze.

"One of the reasons why I am working for BOOM! comics is because when I was a kid, comics were fun," Stelfreeze explains. "And when I say 'fun,' I don't necessarily mean comedic or silly. They were actually entertaining. I remember reading 'The Death of Phoenix' and 'The Judas Contract' and getting to the end of those books and just going 'Wow.' And I think a lot of the 'wow' is missing from comics. A lot of times, you just want to do the comics that you loved when you were a kid -- do comics that make people go 'wow.' And BOOM! has offered me the chance to do comics without excuses. They've asked me exactly, 'What do you want?' I made a ridiculous grocery shopping list, and they've satisfied everything. So now I get to do absolutely unapologetic comics."

BOOM! shared all three videos with CBR News and promised that more on Stelfreeze's project with the company will be revealed this weekend on a special Sunday panel at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. Check out all three videos below, and stay tuned to CBR for all the news out of the convention this weekend.

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