Stefan Petrucha contributes to "Shooting Star Comics Anthology" #5

Official Press Release

Alpharetta, Ga. (August 20, 2004) – As the writer behind the wildly popular X-Files comic book adaptation, Stefan Petrucha has authored some of the world's most sought-after comic books. And now he turns his pen to an original sci-fi tale in the pages of the Shooting Star Comics Anthology #5.

"With Roses Bedight" deals with the irritating dilemma of how to deal with an unnecessary clone when you don't need it anymore, and it features Petrucha at the height of his form.

"Stefan's one of my favorite writers, hands down, and having him contribute a story to the Shooting Star Comics Anthology was pretty much almost a geek-out fanboy moment for me," said Editor-in-Chief Sean Taylor. "I couldn't be happier with the story he turned in. It's absolutely incredible."

Partnering with Petrucha for "With Roses Bedight" is newcomer artist Jeziel Sánchez Martínez.

Creative Director, Scott McCullar, had this to say about having Jeziel Sánchez Martínez drawing Petrucha's story, "Though he hails from Mexico, the artwork of Jeziel's sweeping strokes has a modern Art Nouveau sensibility to the crisp line work that one might see coming out of Europe at the moment. His artwork is definitely in the vein of what I see coming into comics across the medium. Combine his delicate yet intricate drawing style with Stefan Petrucha's eerie tale, and this becomes a strong marriage for one of my favorite guest stories that we've published at Shooting Star Comics."

McCullar added, "Jeziel is another artist that we've found in our portfolio reviews and searches through editor Sean Taylor. I hope this is but the beginning of collaborative projects that we will have with Martínez and the rest of his studio."

In addition to the tale from Petrucha and Martinez, the book also features:

  • The debut of Yankee Doodle, the living sketch, by Scott Hileman, Chris Franklin, and Ethan Colchamiro.

  • One of the most fun Bedbug adventures you've ever seen, brought to you by Scott Rogers.

  • A dragon vs. dinosaurs fantasy tale by Jayme Lynn Blaschke and Lori Krell.

  • A new 70's-themed martial arts tale in Scott McCullar's Thrill Seeker Comics.

  • A Jazz Age horror tale from Sean Taylor and Erik Burnham set in the off-kilter universe of Chicago Twist.

  • A brand-new Aym Geronimo tale from J. Morgan Neal and Todd Fox.
  • A brand-new Rex Solomon tale from Gregg W. Noon, J. Morgan Neal, and Sinclair Elliot.

For new readers, Shooting Star Comics Anthology #5 is a good starting point to get on board to see what is happening at what Steven Grant at comicbookresources.com calls, "...one of the best anthologies you are likely to find from small independents..."

The book is now available in fine comic stores everywhere.

SHOOTING STAR COMICS, LLC is a new comics publisher, committed to publishing a wide variety of genres and styles. Including both new talent and longtime legends in the industry, Shooting Star Comics produces a quarterly anthology series and will also be releasing new titles this year.

Shooting Star Comics is a proud member of the Small Press Association. More information about Shooting Star Comics can be found at the company's website, www.shootingstarcomics.com.


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