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Venomonal: 15 Venom Cosplays That Will Make You Drool

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Venomonal: 15 Venom Cosplays That Will Make You Drool

When Peter Parker first showed up in the famous black symbiote suit in Amazing Spider-Man #252, fans went crazy for the design. It was a simple look that completely changed the way Spider-Man looked, and it instantly became iconic. Eventually, fans learned the truth about the symbiote, and how it operates, which led to the creation of one of Marvel’s most popular villains of all time, Venom.

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In the years since Venom’s debut, he’s consistently been one of the most popular characters in all the Marvel Universe. Fans just love the look of the character, and at conventions, you end up seeing a bunch of different Venom cosplayers. With the introduction of other symbiotes, and various characters donning the living suits, fans have more options than ever if they want to cosplay as a “evil” Spider-Man. One of the biggest Venom cosplay trends is the gender-swapped Venom. Female fans have embraced the character, as a cosplay subject, almost more than men. So, let’s take a look at 15 of the hottest Venom cosplays that we’ve ever seen. They’re sure to excite, frighten and probably inspire you!


Playboy Bunny Venom Cosplay

Cosplayer Brittany Stapleton didn’t go with the typical Venom look when she went to San Diego Comic-Con. Instead of doing latex or the normal body-paint look, Stapleton decided to add a spin on the character. Donning white cuffs, black bunny ears, and a black corset, complete with the white spider emblem, Brittany went as the Playboy Bunny Venom.

A big part of the fun of cosplaying is coming up with fresh takes on popular characters. So, who would ever think to combine the iconic Playboy Bunny with one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies? That being said, it works! She looks incredible, and you can tell that she’s having a ton of fun as the character. She even paid attention to the details, with the mask eye paint and the webbed tights.


Venom 3d Makeup Cosplay

One of the most instantly recognizable aspects to Venom’s look is his mouth. The huge snake-like jaw, with jagged teeth and a massive tongue, is altogether one of the best parts of the character’s design. However, that sort of inhuman look doesn’t make for an easy cosplay. If you go with just body-paint, you have to get creative on how to mimic the large mouth.

Makeup artist and YouTuber Taylor Bee decided to try her hand at doing an all-out 3D version of Venom’s mouth. In a makeup tutorial video, she showed every step of the way, as she creates one of the best Venom cosplays ever. Since this is focused on her face, she doesn’t go with any full-body makeup, but with the mouth fully done, she’s clearly Venom. She shows the symbiote taking over her body, with the huge, bloody teeth and gross tongue sticking out. It’s incredible!


Bodypaint Venom Cosplay

Simply painting your body black and putting a poorly painted white emblem on your chest won’t cut it on this list. As you can see in this picture from Yassir Ketchum, of an unknown model, the paint job done here is completely unique. Ditching the idea of super dark black, the cosplayer went with a more textured look, and focused on the big, gross mouth, as well.

In a pretty clever way to show the huge jaw of Venom, the cosplayer used her neck as the mouth, giving her a way to lean her head back to mimic his moving maw. The rest of the bodypaint is done in a way where it almost looks cartoony with the shading. The white accents give a texture that normal black just can’t do. It helps to contrast against the bare skin.


Angel Kuo Venom Cosplay

Many cosplayers will don body-paint when they want to mimic the skin-tight look of superhero costumes. And since the look of Venom is fairly simple, with a lot of black and a white spider emblem on the chest, body-paint is a quick way to instantly look like the character. In the cosplay shown photographed by Jeff Michaels, with Angel Kuo as the model in the paint, you see exactly why people love the idea of a body-paint costume.

First, she looks incredible. The paint is applied in such a way that it almost looks like a very thin fabric. The way the white spider emblem is so precise, it looks ripped from the pages of a comic book. The icing on the cake, however, is the work on her face. The large teeth are painted on, giving her the scary Venom grin, but she also has portions of her skin showing. This mimics the idea of the symbiote in mid-transformation. It’s amazing.


Banned From FB Venom Cosplay

Facebook has a reputation of not allowing sexually suggestive images on their social network. Unlike Twitter, where pretty much anything goes, Facebook likes to keep a handle on what people post. So, when photographer Adam Jay posted his photos from a Venom cosplay photoshoot of model Freddie Nova, Facebook didn’t allow them to stay online very long at all, and the photos were banned.

In the photoshoot in question, a model is shown in the bathroom, where the Venom symbiote is moving towards her. Over the course of the photoshoot, you see the symbiote take over her body, eventually turning her into Venom. Of course, since the model is nude, the pictures are pretty suggestive. However, that being said, the photos are pretty incredible, and the blackness and texture of the symbiote in the pictures looks totally alien. Hands down, one of the best Venom cosplays ever.


We Are Venom Cosplay

Sure, you can have the best body-paint job ever. You can have a fully-3D Venom jaw. You can even try to make Venom look sexy. However, if you don’t have the right attitude, it just looks silly. That’s where Shasam Cosplay comes in, with her Venom cosplay photo series titled “We Are Venom.”

In the photos, she has a mixture of dark, black body-paint and a black latex suit. But it’s the way she combines it all together that makes a killer cosplay. She has the trademark black lines running up her neck and hands, but she also tops it off with a stark white wig and contacts. She presents a truly alien look to her cosplay that sets it apart from everything else. Plus, in the photos, she just looks like she’s ready to rip your face off.


Mary Jane Venom Wedding Dress Cosplay

This Venom cosplay is a bit of a deep cut. Artist Mike Deodato did an amazing variant cover for The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3 that showed Mary Jane in a wedding dress, with the Venom symbiote taking over her body. As you can see in the photo taken by Vitamin M Studios, there is definitely at least one cosplayer that took inspiration from the cover.

This cosplay is all about the details. The textured black symbiote going down her arms and “infecting” the dress are amazing to see. The fact that she is wearing a full wedding dress, complete with the bright red wig, makes the cosplay recognizable to someone, even if they haven’t seen the cover. It’s clearly an evil Venom/Mary Jane in a wedding dress! It’s so good!


Philip Faith Venom Cosplay

Who said Venom couldn’t be hawt? In a photoshoot from Philip Faith, with model Melodie Guilbault, Venom is seen as very sexy and also dangerous. Wearing a full-body latex suit, Guilbault looks incredible as the character. Even though, in certain angles, the symbiote taking over her face brings back memories of Spider-Man 3 and Topher Grace, you can forgive her for it.

With her hair and makeup done, this is one of the only Venom cosplays that you wouldn’t be shocked to see in a fashion magazine. Also, instead of going for a fully gory mouth and tongue, they decided to go with simple fanged teeth. This is a woman that you wouldn’t initially mind seeing in a dark alley, and then instantly regret that when she chews you up and spits you out.


She-Venom Cosplay

At first glance, it’s difficult to understand if this version of Venom is meant to titillate or frighten. In the image by photographer Micah D Leigh, you see a woman dressed as Venom, but she’s apparently missing her pants. This bold fashion choice is contrasted with the fact that, when you look above the waist, you find what is the bulk of the costume, and it’s legit terrifying.

Instead of painting a huge Venom jaw, the costume features a complete comics-accurate mask with just the model’s face peaking through the tooth-filled smile. It’s reminiscent of the comics, which feature the symbiote hiding the human face through the mouth. However, seeing it fully realized in live-action is horrible, in the best way. So, the jury’s still out whether or not you’re supposed to be turned on or horrified, but either way, it’s a damn great Venom cosplay!


Elise Laurenne is a cosplayer and Suicide Girls model who has probably made the best Spider-Gwen costumes out there. And two of her best happen to have a Venom influence as well. As seen in the costumes above, Elise has done both a version of “Gwenom” and “Anti-Gwenom,” and they’re incredible. Spider-Gwen is a character that many female fans have gravitated to when they cosplay, but none have done it quite like Elise.

Her costumes are all about the details. Little bits of the regular Spider-Gwen show through, with the hood and the arms, but elsewhere is Venom-ized. The Gwenom costume replicates the symbiote mask but adds the galaxy-esque coloring that lets you know this isn’t your typical female Venom. The Anti-Gwenom has the inverted colors that stand out, as well as the creepy clawns and jagged emblem that set it apart. These aren’t just inverted colored costumes. These are two separate characters.


Carnage vs Venom Cosplay

Cosplayer Freddie Nova has done a variety of Venom-themed cosplay shoots. Perhaps the best of the bunch is her shoot with model Kristen Nordeen Hunt, where Nova is Carnage and Hunt is Venom. In the shoot, it shows both models dressed head to toe in full-body latex paint. The textures seen in both costumes is unreal. The best parts, however, must be the masks.

Each costume has a portion of the facemask bare, with the model’s eye and hair showing through. This little detail makes the two costumes completely unique and human. They don’t look like they’re wearing a rubber Halloween mask. Instead, they look like this is part of their real face, with the unbelievable mouths seeming possible. Over the course of the shoot, both models fight, and rip the costumes off, but it’s almost a shame because they’re so well done.


Mania Cosplay

Mania is a version of the Venom symbiote that first appeared in Venom #38 in 2013. With host Andrea Benton, the character of Mania shared a lot of the same classic Venom look, with a few extra details. Her legs were lined with spikes and her head was shaped in a very unique way. However, unless you’re a big Venom fan, you probably don’t even know she exists. Well, count cosplayer Kitsune Kid to that list.

In probably the only Mania cosplay in existence, Kitsune Kid looks ripped from the pages. Instead of going with full body-paint or latex, she has decided to go the traditional fabric route. However, she has gone the extra mile to make sure you know it’s Mania by adding the spikes on her legs and forearms, along with the signature “hair.”


Bride Of Venom Cosplay

The Venom cosplay seen here, with model Mad Maven and photographer Carlos Adama, is one of the only symbiote cosplays that feels alive. The way the black costume is creeping around the model’s face and the way the white spider-emblem has rough edges, it looks as if the symbiote is always moving, which adds a whole new level of creepy.

In the photoshoot, you see a lot of the little details shine through as well, which set this cosplay apart from the rest. The claws look real and deadly. The contacts and pale makeup make Mad Maven look completely possessed by the evil entity. It’s not as elaborate as some other Venom costumes, but the little details turn this from your everyday cosplay into something special.


Hooded Venom Cosplay

This Venom cosplay is one of the more overt ones of its kind out there. Of course, with all the body-paint and latex being ripped from models’ bodies, you could argue that most Venom cosplays are sensual in one way or another. However, this unknown model, photographed by Rickey Yaneza, doesn’t hide the fact that she’s going for the sexy Venom, with her chest coming out of the plunging neckline.

Comic book purists could argue that the costume isn’t very accurate, and the facepaint isn’t as “realistic” as some of the others out there, but you’d be nitpicking. She rocks the spandex with suitable aplomb, and we personally dig her stylized venom symbol, ripped though it may be at the top to reveal her chest. She’s clearly proud of her assets, and not afraid to show them off, so give the lady some credit where credit’s due!


Comicbookgirl19 Venom

Comicbookgirl19 is one of the leading comic book YouTube Vloggers in existence. She has built a name for herself for having smart, unique views about comics, movies and other nerd-related media. She also happens to be one of the best cosplayers, with a penchant for using quite a bit of body-paint.

Clearly, from this image, you know that there’s some Photoshop at play, but that’s okay. With the body-paint giving us a clear idea of the symbiote taking over her body, she adds a couple extra flourishes with the tongue, mouth and webbing surrounding her. That just adds to the overall design, which makes this image from one of her calendars one of the best overall Venom cosplay pictures out there. Plus, the bright pink hair just makes the whole thing that much more awesome.

Have you seen any other Venom cosplays that should have made our list? Let us know in the comments!

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