15 Even Steamier Superhero Scenes On-Screen

Superheroes fight crime and save the world, but they also have love lives just like the rest of us do. Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-Man has Mary Jane (usually). Many of them have spouses, significant others, and even casual lovers, because they are simply human beings, and even if they actually aren’t, everyone’s looking for love, right? Or pleasure at the very least. Any time you put superheroes in a room together, something steamy is bound to happen eventually. Just ask the Avengers, the Teen Titans, and the X-Men. They all run around town with great abs and look good doing it, so it’s simply inevitable really.

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When it comes time to cast these roles for television and film, it’s no wonder they all look like perfect, sexy models in skintight spandex. When you put these people on the screen, it can create some of the steamiest superhero scenes of all time. We have already seen some of the hottest superhero scenes in film — like Spider-Man’s upside down kiss, Harley Quinn’s costume change, and Catwoman’s flirtations with Batman — but now it’s time to look at a few steamy moments you might have missed in some of the most popular (and most infamous) superhero adaptations.


X-Men: First Class is a movie filled with great looking people. Things begin to get steamy, though, when Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr decide to put together a team of mutants to fight against Sebastian Shaw. They two men travel around the world collecting gifted youngsters for their cause. One of the mutants they find is Angel Salvadore, who works as a stripper at the time.

The scene finds Charles and Erik lounging in a bed, waiting for their private dance from Angel. When she appears, she takes her top off and it looks like something inappropriate for young viewers is about to happen. Then we see the dragonfly wings on her back, and she reveals her mutant ability to fly. It’s a little bit of a fake out, but it’s still pretty steamy, if only for a few seconds.


This scene in Man of Steel might not be intended to be steamy, but there’s no way you can watch it and think anything else. When Clark Kent is living his life out on the sea, he ends up saving civilians from the destruction of an oil rig. We get a look at his big beefy body in action before he becomes stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Luckily, he has superpowers, so he quickly finds his way back to shore. The only problem for him is that his clothing isn’t also super durable, so he needs more of those. We see him quickly run up to someone’s home—bare chested, soaking wet, and with a wild beard—and pick up some dry clothing he can wear. We don’t often get to see Superman without his shirt on, so when we do it has to really count.



The relationship of Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons has been through just about every obstacle since the start of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finally, in the Season 3 episode “The Singularity” we get a look at what their love life would be like if they had normal jobs and lived in a normal world. In one scene nothing is standing in their way of finally embracing each other.

Things start off passionately, but it turns more sensual when the awkward tension between the two comes through. It becomes a touching moment for a couple that has defied all the odds to be together. Then, things turn steamy again, they make it to the bed, and the scene changes. What happens next is left to our imaginations.


Sara Lance has gone through a multitude of metamorphoses within the Arrowverse. From damsel in distress, to assassin, to vigilante, to time traveling superhero, she’s done it all. She’s also done just about everyone too. Somewhere along the way, we learned that she’s into men and women, allowing her to have more fun than most.

It’s this lovelife that helps her save the timeline in “Out of Time” from Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow. The team travels to 1637 France in order to make sure that King Louis XIII consummates his marriage with Queen Anne of Austria. Sara, posing as a handmaiden, “warms up” the Queen for her King after a steamy little fling in bed. It’s surprising, funny and sexy all at the same time.



Lorelei, the sister of Amora the Enchantress appears on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first season episode “Yes Men.” With the power to make men love her, she runs into Agent Ward (who is still not known to be a Hydra agent yet) and the two start a rather problematic relationship together. Devoted to his new queen, Ward takes her away to Las Vegas in order to protect her from Lady Sif.

As a reward for his service to her, Lorelei gives Ward a night of passion and lovemaking. It’s a scene that gets pretty hot and heavy before too long. It’s too bad for him that his teammates end up freeing him and Sif captures Lorelei in the end.


The 2017 Batman and Harley Quinn film is a fun callback to Batman: The Animated Series. What threw people off was that Bruce Timm revisited his kids cartoon with more adult themes and humor. At one point, Nightwing follows Harleen Quinzel back to her home and she manages to tie him up on her bed.

While Nightwing tries to reason with her to return to her life as Harley Quinn, she undresses in front of him and things get a little steamy. When she sees him react to her body, Quinn’s voracious attitude takes over and the two share an intimate moment right there with Nightwing still tied up. Batman manages to walk in on them and it ends up being a pretty hilarious scene.



When Thor ends up banished on Earth in the 2011 film Thor, Jane Foster accidentally hits him with a car, and her friends tazes him. They take him to the hospital, but this leaves him without any clothes to wear, so when we see him back with Foster’s team, he’s getting dressed and showing off his magnificent body.

Thor is given some clothes left behind by Jane’s ex-boyfriend Donald Blake, which is both an awkward moment and a fun callback to comic book history. Before he’s fully dressed, Thor manages to flaunt the goods for all the gawkers in the room to see. It’s a steamy first look at how dreamy the son of Odin can really be once you look past the funny looking armor.


In the Arrow Season 5 episode “Underneath,” Adrian Chase is able to trap Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak inside their underground bunker. The two must work together, despite recent problems with their relationship, in order to escape before they suffocate. It’s not the kind of scene where you expect something steamy to happen, and yet here we are.

In a flashback to happier times between these two, Oliver and Felicity are drinking and flirting in the bunker. He helps her perform a chin up, but things get hot fast when they get too close. They tear off their clothes and get to business right there in the bunker. It’s a nice little scene that shows you what their relationship used to be like before everything fell apart.



After Penguin is deposed from his place in the Gotham Underground, Oswald comes to live with his father and stepmother in the second season of Gotham. Feeling the conflict between her children and Elijah’s son, Grace Van Dahl convinces her daughter to try and seduce Oswald in order to prove that he has not really been rehabilitated like he claims to be.

Sasha surprises Oswald in his bedroom wearing some very revealing lingerie, and we don’t know what is about to happen between the two. The Penguin, however, proves that he’s a villain no more, and even Sasha is left surprised and somewhat disappointed that she won’t be able to manipulate him like she hoped. It was a quick, steamy moment in a show that is otherwise pretty static when it comes to sexual energy.


In Captain America: The First Avenger, we witness Steve Rogers’ ascension from a comically skinny boy from Brooklyn into a super strong piece of man meat. He literally emerges from the machine he is hooked up to with muscles glistening with sweat. It’s amazing what a few drugs can do for Steve’s Total Body Transformation.

We even have Agent Peggy Carter in the scene so we can have someone important ogle at what science has just created. She awkwardly keeps looking down at his chest and even tries to touch Rogers’ rock solid pecs. This is likely the steamiest moment in Steve Rogers’ life up to this point. Back in World War II, everyone thought that steroids were actually good. It’s hard to argue with the results, though.



Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones and Mike Colter as Luke Cage are two of the hottest superheroes around. It gets even better when the two hook up in Season 1 of Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Their relationship can be summarized as the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, so it’s perfect that every time these to do it, that theme is played up.

When you have superpowers, it allows you to have a little bit more fun in bed, but these two take it to a whole new level. They do physical damage to Jessica’s apartment, and both act like it’s the best sex either of them have ever had. When you add this element to their already awesome (if not dysfunctional) relationship, their tryst becomes stuff of legend! Here’s hoping these two eventually get back together (sorry Claire).


No one watched the 1996 film Barb Wire for any other reason than to see Pamela Anderson in skintight leather. It seems almost comical now, but at the time, she was at the height of her popularity and the creators figured that her name alone would be enough to bring in a healthy sum at the box office. This ended up not being true because the movie made less than $4 million in the end.

While the movie is pretty unremarkable and ultimately forgettable, it’s hard to ignore Barb Wire’s opening credit sequence. It was literally just Pamela Anderson getting sprayed with water while wearing a very ill-fitting top. When it comes to superhero films, nothing has been steamier than this scene. It’s honestly impossible if you want to make it a family affair.



The Kick-Ass movie is even more of a superhero power fantasy than the original comic book was. In the story, Dave Lizewski is incorrectly believed to be gay, which leads to Katie Deauxma taking him on as her new gay best friend. He eventually works up the courage to tell her that he is not gay and is actually in love with her, but in the comic, Katie rejects him for lying.

In the movie, things work out pretty differently for him. When he tells her the truth, Katie actually forgives him and the two start a relationship together. In one scene, we can see them getting it on in back alley. It’s pretty quick, but it’s certainly one of the steamier scenes in the film. Dave Lizewski’s film counterpart gets everything he wants.


X-Men: First Class introduced a brewing romance between Mystique and Beast, the two mutants who were unable to show their true forms to the public. This relationship didn’t continue in Days of Future Past, but there were a few deleted scenes between these two that turned up the heat considerably.

Once such clip had the two characters in a steamy scene in front of a warm fire at the X Mansion. They discuss the nature of their mutations and then passionately kiss with Nicholas Hoult’s hands running over Jennifer Lawrence’s body. The two continue to kiss until they both turn blue. They go on to discuss their lives as mutants and it turns into a touching little scene about love and acceptance. Too bad it didn’t make the final cut.



We all know that the relationship between Matt Murdock and Elektra in Netflix’s Daredevil is an unhealthy one. The two were lovers once, but ideological differences led the two to become enemies (also that whole dying thing didn’t help them much). Nothing represents the deadly love between these two than their steamy lovemaking scene in Season 2.

They get it on right there in the center of a boxing ring while the two are in the middle of training. There’s plenty of sensual touching and feeling going on, but there’s also the fact that Matt puts his hand around her neck. While Elektra clearly likes it, this act represents the deep distrust and perpetual war between the two characters, even if they are super attracted to each other.

Were there any other steamy on-screen superhero moments you can think of? Share them with us in the comments.


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