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Dark Tights: 15 Scintillating Batman Family Cosplays (For After Dark Only)

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Dark Tights: 15 Scintillating Batman Family Cosplays (For After Dark Only)

Batman is one of the most famous characters in all of fiction, so it’s not very surprising that tons of people love to dress up as the Dark Knight, his supporting characters, and his rogues gallery. In fact, besides perhaps Spider-Man and Star Wars, Batman-related cosplay might be the most popular costume choice for every Comic Con. If you’ve been to one of these shows, there’s no way you haven’t run into at least a couple different versions of the Dark Knight, from a classic comic book version to a Batman: The Animated Series take to one of the movie versions, not to mention the armor clad Batman from the Arkham video games.

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Then there are those who add their own unique twists to the beloved Batman characters, ones that are a bit more steamy than you’d expect. There are your usual suspects, such as Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Zatanna and Poison Ivy, but there are definitely steamy Batman cosplays that are not what you’d expect. We don’t want to spoil them just yet, but let’s just say many of the costumes on CBR’s list will surprise you…


Batgirl might seem like an obvious choice for a steamy Bat-Fam cosplay, but Anastasia Grace takes it to another level with her stripped down version of Barbara Gordon. The cowl is uniquely Batgirl’s but the rest of the ensemble is a great twist on the heroine’s usual costume. The knee-high boots, shorts and exposed midriff is the cherry on top of the outfit.

Interestingly enough, Batgirl’s costume in the comics has had no shortage of redesigns in the past few years. Her New 52 look changed from Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf’s run to Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and Babs Tarr’s. The former featured a Batgirl clad in her more traditional black suit while the latter was a modern take on the costume that had a hipster edge to it. Anastasia Grace’s take is probably one we won’t see in the comics any time soon (unfortunately).


Yaya as Catwoman

Yaya Han based her latex Catwoman cosplay on the covers artist Adam Hughes created for Catwoman Vol. 3, one of the best runs on the character ever. The New 52 series definitely doesn’t compare (at least in this writer’s opinion). This costume is also similar to the look Catwoman is wearing in the current run of Batman, complete with the goggles.

The outfit is, of course, a bit more low cut than what you usually see in the comics (though not by much), which is the steamy twist on this cosplay. Han has also worn a Catwoman costume that’s closer to the Arkham City version of the character. Yaya used a special fabric designed by a friend to emulate the hexagon pattern of the Arkham City suit. Needless to say, it looks pretty great.


Nikita as Poison Ivy

Nikita‘s Poison Ivy cosplay comes pretty close to what we’ve come to expect from the comics, which is pretty steamy in itself. This cosplayer used a green leotard, stockings and body paint to put this ensemble together. Nikita said in her description of this costume that it was her first villain cosplay, but she has dressed up as quite a few superheroes, including Black Widow and Wonder Woman.

One of her more impressive comic book-inspired cosplays is her Ironette dancer costume from Iron Man 2. She hasn’t dressed up as any other Batman characters, but Nikita’s done quite a bit with Disney princesses. There’s her Belle costume as well as her Anastasia, Cinderella and Snow White. Her human form Ariel is particularly impressive.


Shermie as Harley Quinn

Here is another nod to Batman: Arkham City. Shermie is dressed up as Harley Quinn, an absolute fan favorite when it comes to cosplay. Whether it be the classic Animated Series jester outfit or the more modern look that shows a bit more skin (over the years, Harley’s appearance has certainly evolved into something a bit more steamy), you can bet on seeing at least a few Harleys at any comic book convention.

Shermie has tackled tons of comic book characters in her cosplay. There’s Black Widow, Phoenix, Black Cat, Psylocke, Scarlet Witch, Elektra, Black Canary and quite a few others. Shermie has also dressed up as pretty much every other iteration of Harley Quinn. Oh, and she loves doing a bit of Resident Evil cosplay as well. Jill Valentine and Ada Wong are particular favorites.

11. BANE

Nicole Marie Jean as Bane

Nicole Marie Jean goes for the unexpected with this feminine take on The Dark Knight Rises version of Bane. Interestingly enough, this cosplay looks as ferocious and terrifying as it does steamy. Nicole didn’t make many alterations to Tom Hardy’s mask from the movie, which allows her to look like she has the most terrifying teeth on the planet. She did adapt Bane’s vest, instead choosing to wear an “armored” bustier to top off the cosplay.

This cosplayer has done plenty of other cosplay besides Bane. She’s tackled several classics such as Slave Leia, The Little Mermaid, Catwoman and Black Widow. But she’s also done some stuff outside of the box like Burlesque Black Cat and a female Comedian that’s really awesome!


Vera Baby as Joker

Vera Baby‘s female take on the Joker is just spectacular. She captures the essence of the Clown Prince of Crime with both the demonic smile and the villain’s iconic colors. The costume is sort of a fuse between the Joker’s classic look and the Jared Leto version from Suicide Squad. Just peep the tattoos on all of Vera’s fingers. It may be her own look, but it makes for a nice touch and allows this cosplay to stand out just a bit more.

As far as we can tell, this is Vera’s only Batman cosplay, although she’s tackled a few other comic book characters. She likes to dress up as Mary Jane Watson quite a bit, and has created different versions of the character, including a “Maxim Mary Jane” that’s basically MJ on the cover of the magazine. Her Vampirella is also a sight to behold.


Yutarna Thetys as Nightwing

Arashi Dono hails from Argentina and has a lot of love for Nightwing. Her take on Dick Grayson’s alter ego definitely pays homage the popular black and blue suit while a few feminine touches to the character, such as the knee high boots and shorts, make the look really pop. In the picture above, she even poses with the hero’s signature Escrima sticks, which are Nightwing’s primary weapons when fighting crime.

This cosplayer has tackled a few other Batman characters through the years. There’s her Batman: The Animated Series-inspired Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and her really impressive Kate Kane/Batwoman cosplays. She’s also dressed up as Power Girl and Ms. Marvel. While most of her cosplays have focused on comic book characters, Arashi also really loves dressing up as the stars of Hocus Pocus.


Magic-user Zatanna is already on the list of top 10 steamy Batman characters, so there isn’t much of a twist necessary for her. Still, Cara Nicole (also known as AZ Powergirl in cosplay circles) kicks this costume up a notch with the white bustier, very short shorts, fishnet stockings and knee-high boots. The bow tie and the top hat are the finishing touches for this pretty faithful take on Zatanna. All that’s missing is the blazer.

Cara is best known for her Power Girl cosplay, although she’s dressed up as many other comic book characters. There’s her very steamy take on Thor, Black Widow, Black Cat, a chilling Emma Frost and alternative Joker with green pants and a brown leather jacket. Regardless of what she’s wearing, Cara slays it every time!


Claptrap as Black Canary

Southern California cosplayer Claptrap kills it as Black Canary. This cosplay is pretty faithful to Dinah’s costume in the comics. However, it’s slightly more revealing than what general audiences might be used to from CW’s Arrow, which portrays Black Canary in a more combat-ready suit. In the picture above, Claptrap dons a leather leotard, fishnets and lace-up boots. She even shows off some muscle in her pose.

Claptrap’s other comic book-inspired cosplays include Bombshell Mera, Rockabilly Batgirl and Pinup Catwoman. She loves to add twists to different characters, which is what makes her costumes so unique at any pop culture convention. Her Edgar Allan Poe Dameron is honestly one of the greatest cosplays ever made. Her Sauron cosplay is also super cool.


Stacey Rebecca as Deathstroke

Here’s one no one expected: Stacey Rebecca‘s excellent female take on Slade Wilson. You’d be forgiven if you confused Stacey’s costume for Rose Wilson’s Ravager. It’s an easy mistake to make after all, considering Rose is Slade’s daughter. But Stacey’s cosplay is called Lady Deathstoke and the iconic weathered gray hair, eye patch, and worn helmet are all on display, making this a unique Slade Wilson cosplay. Perhaps on his day off? Or after a kill?

Stacey is no stranger to comic book characters. She’s also tacked Psylocke, Poison Ivy and an AMAZING Princess Leia from the Marvel comics, weaving her little (yet resounding) interpretations throughout all of them. That last one is so good that it looks like Leia literally walked off the comic book panel and into the real world.


Angela Bermudez as Riddler

Another unexpected addition to this list is a great take on the Riddler, courtesy of Angela Bermudez. We have to start with Angela’s awesome reproduction of the green question mark jacket and hat. To add the fun twist, Angela added shorts, stockings and heels to the ensemble. The question mark cane is an excellent final touch. This is a perfect example of a cosplayer adding her own take to a beloved character.

On top of her other wonderful cosplays, including Cammy from Street Fighter, Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V, and especially The Wanderer from the video game Journey, Angela is also a really talented painter. She even takes commissions if you’re interested in any of her art.


Wind of the Stars as Huntress

WindoftheStars wore this incredible Huntress cosplay at SDCC 2012. This cosplayer was kind enough to describe the process of creating this excellent costume. While the body suit and leggings were made of matte metallic spandex in black, she says, “The belt, gloves, knee pads, pouches, and leg straps are all made of purple vinyl.” The iconic mask is made of wonderflex and painted purple. She described the cape as “the trickiest part of the costume”

Other comic book characters WindoftheStars has tackled include Rogue, a steampunk Joker’s Daughter and the always-popular Harley Quinn. She’s also a huge Sailor Moon, Tomb RaiderBorderlands, Dragon Ball and Street Fighter fan. Her Bulma from Dragon Ball and Cammy from Street Fighter are absolutely fantastic, but are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her talent.


Peachykiki as Dee Dee Twins

Peachykiki and Rebecca W cosplayed as the Dee Dee Twins, granddaughters of Harley Quinn, at Dragoncon 2011. The twins were first introduced in Batman Beyond as members of the Jokerz street gang from 40 years into Batman’s future. The twins would eventually become minions for the resurgent Clown Prince of Crime himself. These two cosplayers pretty much played the characters by the book, donning face paint, red tops, white shorts, red boots. The look’s sort of retro, like something out of the ’60s.

Both of these cosplayers have dressed up as other comic book characters in the past, including Harley Quinn, Raven, Black Widow, Rogue, Pixie, Black Cat and Ironettes. If it’s a hero or villain from the comics, one of these two cosplayers have done it.


Ariane Saint Amour as Two Face

This is perhaps the biggest surprise of all: Ariane-Saint-Amour‘s version of Two-Face, which is unlike any take on the character that we’ve ever seen. Her female Two-Face is pretty stripped down. While other cosplayers would go for the full face scars, Ariane is a bit more minimalist, simply dying one side of her hair a lighter tone and only applying lipstick to half of her lips.

The dress is latex and is simply black and white, showing both sides of Two-Face’s personality. The tattoos on half her body is the cherry on top. Ariane has also cosplayed as a female version of the Joker, Deadpool and the Penguin. Yeah, that last one is also kind of surprising, but it works. Regardless, you should definitely check out all of her cosplays forthwith!


Heather After as Talia al Ghul

Last but certainly not least is HeatherAfter‘s Talia al Ghul. Her Talia cosplay doesn’t tweak the character’s look from the comics too much; because of that, it is one of the best. The black jumpsuit is accounted for as well as the sword with which the daughter of the Demon dispatches her enemies at her father’s behest. It’s more of a faithful cosplay than most of the other costumes on this list but not any less steamy.

HeatherAfter has also dressed up as Marvel Girl, a Pokemon trainer, Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid, Pikachu, and what she imagines Link’s mom would look like in the Legend of Zelda games. That’s a pretty creative cosplay, if you ask us. Heather has tackled pretty much every popular franchise in the book, and nailed it. One of these days, she might hit us with a Star Wars cosplay.

What are the best Bat-Fam cosplays have you seen? Let us know in the comments!

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