Steampunk Batman is the action figure 19th-century Gotham needs

While it's perhaps not as awesome as Wild West Batman, or as outright crazy as Tetsuya Nomura's reimagining of the Caped Crusader, the new entry in Play Arts Variant Kai's Batman Timeless series certainly is ... let's go with elaborate.

Showcased by Square Enix at Comic-Con International, Steampunk Batman joins a line of collectible figures that envisions the Dark Knight in various historical settings. If at first glance you thought this was Medieval Batman, there's certainly understandable. However, that figure is yet to come (along with Spartan Batman).

So, yeah, Steampunk: The armored shoulder pads, boots and gauntlets certainly read "Medieval," but note the glider-type cape attached by some kind of mechanical contraption, and the telltale goggles/targeting headpiece-whatsit. It's steampunk-ish.

No pricing or release details are available, but it'll probably cost about $120.

(via Toyark)

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