The 15 Steamiest Moments in the Arrowverse

There are many reasons that superhero shows are enjoyable. There’s cool fight sequences, snappy dialogue and brave heroes who inspire us. But, we'd be lying if we pretended their popularity wasn’t also due to the inclusion of unbelievably attractive people getting together. After all, the vast majority of a superhero’s powers include a rocking body and a charming smirk that are both deadly weapons in anybody's arsenal. This goes double for shows on The CW, who have built a popular stable of DC shows that include Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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The moments featured on this list all have some nice tension and each works up to scenes that are burned into our brains forever, for better or for worse. We considered factors like chemistry between the actors, how much skin is shown and of course how much the scene really gets to business. We realize that we’re dealing with shows where leather-clad heroes are constantly handcuffing people, so the line of exactly what’s really steamy is up for interpretation. But, for purposes of this list we stuck to moments that are blatantly romantic or passionate. No disrespect to the unspoken tension between Cisco Ramon and Hartley Rathaway.


The premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow's second season immediately demonstrated what a fun ride it would be when Sara Lance hooked up with the Queen of France. Since the Queen was on a deadline to conceive an heir to the throne, Rip Hunter was rightfully worried about how this could mess with time. But, safe to say it was totally worth it.

Sara is often an assertive character, but what made this scene so fun was that the Queen initiated things. As Sara explained to Rip, “She seduced me!”, and then scene really went for it. First, the Queen started seductively touching Sara’s neck and chest. Then, it cut to the two of them falling on the bed together and making some quality noises of pleasure.


By the fifth episode of Arrow’s first season, Laurel Lance was still far from forgiving Oliver Queen. But, they were in a place where they were somewhat ready to start communicating. So Laurel told Oliver that she needs to know what happened to him on the island and in this incredibly tense scene, Oliver revealed his scars to Laurel.

Then, she lightly ran her hands over his body. It had exactly the right mix of emotional intimacy and incredible abs to make for a great sexy scene and it built up to a kiss between them. It really seemed like something more was going to happen between them. The kiss was a very long, lasting one and Laurel let out a couple very telling breathy noises before forcing herself to pull away.



In the eighth episode of Supergirl’s second season, Maggie Sawyer showed up at Alex Danvers’ place with pizza and beer. Since it was late at night, Alex was wearing adorable pajamas, and Maggie clearly loved seeing her in adorable pajamas. The scene built up to a kiss, but even before that the chemistry between Maggie and Alex was palpable and exciting.

Maggie’s monologue about how “we should kiss the girls we want to kiss” was both poignant and extremely sexy. Floriana Lima’s soft, low delivery was absolutely perfect, as was the hopeful, wide-eyed way Chyler Leigh looked back at her. The kiss itself was stunning and gratifying after a fair amount of back-and-forth for this classic "will-they-won’t-they". And, seriously, who doesn’t want a beautiful woman in a leather jacket to bring them pizza?


Technically, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s first kiss was when he had to convince Slade Wilson he was in love with her as part of a ruse. But, in the season three premiere they try to date for real, while crime in Star City is at an all-time low. Oliver ultimately decides that he can’t let his guard down and that the most important thing is for him to be the Arrow.

However, he still kisses Felicity lovingly and tells her, “Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.” It’s a bittersweet moment for fans, but undoubtedly a great kiss. It puts the chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards on full display. The soft, quivering whispered conversation beforehand is a nice tease-y build up.



In the first season of Supergirl, Kara Danvers was pretty hung up on James Olsen. But, she also had a brief love interest in Cat Grant’s son Adam Foster. He was played by Blake Jenner, who was also Supergirl Melissa Benoist’s husband at the time. The relationship was only a two-episode arc, but it was nice while it lasted.

The actors’ real life connection translated into great on-screen chemistry. Plus, their dialogue was rich with a genuine emotional connection. In his second episode, they enjoyed a long, tender kiss that harkened back to the classic days of television romance. It was prefaced by Adam putting his hand on Kara’s face and whispering in her ear, for maximum steaminess. Why did Bizarro have to go and interrupt it?


Sara Lance and Leonard Snart are both incredibly sexy characters individually. Together they had a delightfully playful relationship through the entire first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. For reasons that are still unclear to us, they chose not to just become teammates with benefits right out of the gate. But their flirtation finally came to a climax after Snart chose to heroically sacrifice himself in the first season’s penultimate episode.

At first Sara tried to convince him to save himself. But, when she realized that Snart had made up his mind to save the team, she gave him one hell of a goodbye kiss. A season of teasing smiles and not-so-subtle dialogue built up to this one moment of affection and it did not disappoint.



Barry Allen and Iris West have had some great kisses during The Flash’s run. Because Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are excessively attractive people, it will never fail to be hot when they kiss each other. The kiss at the end of the season two finale is distinctive because of the emotional intimacy between Barry and Iris in this scene. The romantic build up to the kiss is really incredible.

It’s not just that Barry and Iris said “I love you” to each other. The entire raw, honest conversation beforehand showed how much they mean it and how much it will always be true. If anyone watching The Flash didn’t believe these two were soulmates prior to this episode, this scene and its beautiful kiss made it completely undeniable.


After almost a full season of build up, Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance decided to reconcile in Arrow season one episode 22. While they’re kissing aggressively, Laurel pulled his shirt off. Then, Oliver effortlessly picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Even though they went to the trouble of moving to the bedroom, they did not make use of the bed.

A fun thing about Oliver is how long he can hold the full weight of someone who he’s making out with in his arms. They stood against a window as they continued kissing hard and Oliver started to pull off Laurel’s clothes. And, to be perfectly honest, the fact that Tommy Merlyn witnessed this from the street below only made it hotter.



After Kara Danvers was exposed to Red Kryptonite, Supergirl fans got to see her be more aggressive. This included deciding to finally make a move on her longtime crush James Olsen. She invites him out dancing and gets her flirt on. There are a lot of fun touches in this scene. Her outfit, her mannerisms, the use of Demi Lovato’s “Confident”-- they all bring it together nicely.

Kara’s dance with James doesn’t last long because he knows her well enough to immediately realize that something is wrong. So, he’s quick to shut it down. But, for a minute it’s fun and very sexy to see a more assertive version of Kara. It left viewers wishing she could make a move on the handsomest photographer in National City while she’s actually herself.


In this episode, Nate Heywood told Amaya Jiwe about present day hookup culture. This piqued her interest in casual sex, but of course Nate couldn’t help immediately falling for her. The scene was quality. In a delightfully cliche set up, Amaya had to undress both of them and get close to Nate to keep him from getting hypothermia.

During the build up to their hook up, Amaya stood over Nate while he looked up at her with complete admiration. Then, they shared a long kiss and wrapped their bare arms around each other. The scene cut away a bit quickly, but it was clear from what they did show how much Nate and Amaya enjoyed it. Afterwards, they ended up spooning each other so long that they almost straight up forgot to save George Washington and the future of American democracy.



After what felt like an eternity of build up, Kara Danvers and James Olsen finally kissed in episode 18 of Supergirl’s first season. In this crossover episode with The Flash, Kara’s chemistry with Barry Allen sparked some jealousy, which led James to realize he shouldn’t deny his feelings. Meanwhile, Kara realized she needs to take some initiative.

Watching Kara finally step up and make a move was very satisfying. It’s always great to see Kara be assertive, especially with someone unbelievably tall and gorgeous. Her exact words were, “I’m so much better at doing.” Then, she and James shared an epic, extremely steamy kiss. Too bad James’ mind was immediately taken over by the Myriad project. Nothing cuts a romantic moment short like mind control.


Barry Allen and Iris West were both dating other people in the 15th episode of The Flash’s first season. They never could make the timing work. And yet, they couldn’t stop themselves from revealing their feelings and sharing a great kiss -- the long, incredible kiss that underscored what an epic romance this truly is.

For a moment, it felt like Barry and Iris were the only people in the world. The kiss even made it easy to forget about the impending disaster heading towards Central City. But, unfortunately Barry had to go and save the world. And then he ran so fast that he went back in time to before the kiss even happened. It was a reminder that Barry Allen is truly the master of getting in the way of getting some.



In Arrow’s milestone 100th episode, an alien species called the Dominators tempted Oliver Queen and other members of the team with a dreamworld of what could’ve been. In this world, Oliver never got on the Queen’s Gambit. So, not only was Laurel Lance still alive, she was also engaged to Oliver.

The opening scene showed Oliver and Laurel just after they’ve showered together. They were both only wearing towels wrapped around their bodies. After some cute, flirty dialogue, they had a long, loving kiss while they were both still dripping wet. This included a great full-body shot that showed Laurel was up on her tiptoes to reach Oliver while she kissed him. So, in conclusion, the Dominators are extremely good at creating tempting dream scenarios.


Because of Barry Allen’s love for Iris West, his relationship with sports reporter Linda Park didn’t last long. But, their romantic arc together gave us one great, incredibly sexy scene. Barry planned out an evening of activities for their second date, but the impressively assertive Linda decided to forego all of them -- she suggested fooling around on the couch instead.

This scene gave us shirtless Grant Gustin and Malese Jow in just a bra. But, the best part came when Barry got excited and accidentally used his vibration powers. He apologized, but Linda quickly told him not to stop and assured him that it felt good. She is a true hero for just going with it and not questioning how what he did was even physically possible.



In the 20th episode of Arrow’s third season, Ra’s al Ghul was pressuring Oliver Queen to take up his mantle. So, the entire team journeyed to Nanda Parbat. In a candlelit room, Oliver and Felicity finally had sex for the first time, now that it seemed like Oliver was about to lose everything. And we can say with the utmost of confidence that he scene did not hold back at all.

Oliver picked Felicity up and they kissed continually as he carried her over to the bed. Then, Felicity straddled his lap and moved up and down as Oliver kept running his hands across her back. Then, Oliver got on top and kissed her neck as she moaned softly. Not many TV couples have a first time that’s worth the wait, but this scene genuinely was.

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