Stay on target with a hand-carved 'Star Wars' X-Wing coffee table

A master woodworker, Barry Shields is famed in geek circles for his beautiful Star Trek-themed coffee tables. However, he's not one to favor one prominent space opera over another, so he's also created a magnificent Star Wars table, featuring an X-Wing.

"OK, so I got a little burnt out building the Star Trek table, so thought I would try my hand at a Star Wars X-Wing fighter table," he explains on his website. It took me nearly 6 months to carve this one. When I say 6 months, I mean that I work at AT&T, so nights and weekends is the only time I had to work on it."

If you've already envisioned a perfect spot for it in your living room or home office, know that Shields is asking $5,500, which is nearly half the price of that R2-D2 coffee table pinball machine.

(via Neatorama)

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