<i>Stay Cool</i> Is Latest Ensemble Freak Show From The Polish Brothers

I saw The Polish Brothers' Manure (now called The Smell of Success) at Sundance in 2009, but I missed their Stay Cool, which premiered at TriBeCa Film Festival later that same year. Manure was awesome -- hilarious, and completely weird in every imaginable way.

Stay Cool appears to be much more grounded in this newly released trailer -- the movie hits theaters Sept. 16 -- with the familiar "loser-turned-success story returns to high school for reunion" tale and kick-ass ensemble cast out to get you interested. Plus, Sean Astin in a pink bike helmet. In addition to Astin, the cast features the talents of Winona Ryder, Hilary Duff, Chevy Chase, Jon Cryer and Josh Holloway, as well as Mark Polish in the starring role (brother Michael directs).

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