Statistician rubs salt into Charlie Brown's baseball wounds

This is perhaps both the nerdiest and most wonderful thing I have ever seen on the Internet. Using The Complete Peanuts as his Bible, Larry Granillo at Wezen-ball.com is attempting to calculate -- on a year-by-year basis -- how many games Charlie Brown's baseball team lost.

Using my collection of these books (which only goes through 1970 for now - I've got to get on that), I've done my best to find every baseball-related strip produced in those twenty years and tally up any relevant stats that they reveal. For the most part this means counting wins and losses and documenting any stated scores, though there are a few strips here and there that mention other stats.

Yeah, I know, the team hardly ever won, but Granillo also tries to provide info on, for example, how many times Charlie Brown got hit by a line drive, and finds lots of fun trivia. Here he is, talking about the year 1954:

For as bad as Charlie Brown's team is, he does manage to have some good players. Linus is often shown making amazing catches. On July 15, he makes his first (of many) eye-popping catch, snagging the ball after running through a jump-rope.

Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo Spawn #301 Covers, Revealed

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