Static Shock, Marvel Movies, Hellboy, Batman, more: Comic Reel Wrap for November 20th


Warming up for the fourth season (yet still no action figures, and excluded from Cartoon Network, what's up with that?), it looks like America's favorite teen African-American electrical based super hero is going back to the future, as this image, cribbed from the Kid's WB's upcoming "Turkey Surprise Day" of previews, shows.


Remember yesterday's news from Avi Arad and the Marvel Analyst Day Webcast? Well those fine folks at transcribed the whole shebang, revealing even more cinematic tidbits, such as: a director's cut "Daredevil" DVD in April; "Nick Fury" and "Tales of The Zombie" heading for the big screen, Werewolf By Night directed by John Fasano (described as "sufferance" with "less Verdi ... done in a very unique way"); releasing "Iron Man," "Ghost Rider," "Fantastic Four" and possibly "Elektra" in 2005; 2006 releases for "Hulk 2," "X-Men 3," "Namor," "Captain America," "Nick Fury" and "Iron Fist" movies; new animated series for "Blade" (seriously, stop laughing), "1000 Days" (a retake of the old "Strikeforce: Morituri" method), and "Hulk;" continued work on live action series for "Brother Voodoo" and "Night Thrasher" (stop laughing, for real!); and the idea of "FF" and "Iron Man" TV series. Whew!


Horror.com has an interview with Guillermo del Toro, where he talks a little bit about "Hellboy." del Toro said, "Well, Devil's Backbone is much deeper and it's more literary but Hellboy -- I think there are two aspects to my personality. One that is fun and likes to do more pulp stuff, and another one that likes to do more lyrical stuff. More poetic horror, if you would. I think that people, in that sense, like Devil's Backbone and funnily enough, the second one they mention is Blade 2 which is the exact opposite of the coin. In that aspect, I think Hellboy is going to take the place of Blade 2 as the more pulpish comic-book oriented type of fantasy."


Cinescape has a spy report saying that Christopher Eccleston ("28 Days Later") is being considered to play the part of the Scarecrow in the Chris Nolan-directed Bat-film. Allegedly the Scarecrow would be taken down quickly, clearing the stage for Ra's Al Ghul. The intent is to show that this vision of Gotham has villains much scarier and more intense than anything from the Joel Schumacher vision.


UK's Hotdog magazine has all the good stories, or so we'd believe from reading Superherohype. It seems that Jaime King ("Bulletproof Monk," "Pearl Harbor") is allegedly being considered for the role as Themyscria's Finest.


Moviehole has another "cannot confirm nor deny" sort of thing from director McG. The "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" director said, "I'm in conversations with Warner Brothers, but I'm not signed on to do that pictureŠ.But I'm a huge fan of Superman and we'll see. Maybe that will work out and maybe it won't. It's yet to be determined, truthfully."


Tiscali Entertainment talked to Samuel L. Jackson, who has seen the Ultimate-ized Nick Fury and says he's talked to Marvel's Avi Arad. "I had a meeting a couple of months ago. And we were talking about trying to find the possibilities there," Jackson said.


On the other side of the Pacific, moves are being made to bring Japanese properties "Devilman" and "Cutie Honey" alive with live action treatments. Official sites for both "Cutie Honey" (complete with trailer) and Devilman have been launched.


Ain't It Cool News has a follow up on Sandy Collera ("Batman: Dead End") and his impassioned plea to direct the tale of Billy Batson. According to Harry Knowles, "Sandy Collera was one of the candidates that went in to meet on the project... However, the meeting was apparently a disaster. Sources in New Line claim that Sandy was 'the single most egotistical asshole' they'd ever sat down with." That really hurts!


The gang at Kryptonsite have spoilers for a February episode called "Velocity."


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