Static Shock, Justice League, X-Men Evolution, Namor, more: Comic Reel Wrap for November 3rd


Comics Continuum sat in on a chat with veteran animator Rick Hoberg, who was all atwitter about new episodes at Static Shock. Along with the electrical hero and his high-tech sidekick Gear, the NBA is coming to play, as superstars Karl Malone, Yao Ming, Steve Nash and Vince Carter will all guest star, and get super powers. He also talked about involving Gorilla Grodd in this season's JL cartoon.


The same page at Comics Continuum also notes the release of four new episodes of the second season, including the debut of Angel and an appearance by Havok.


Countingdown.com has tracked down rumors that you'll be able to "Smell What the Sub-Mariner is Cookin'!" -- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ("The Rundown") is allegedly getting ready to get his "Imperius Rex" on.


The fur is gonna fly -- Halle Berry's character is named "Patience Phillips," according to a recently released press release. The release contains what could be considered spoilerish plot details. Plus, another press release at Superherohype lists that principal photography has begun, which seems strange given the preview images floating around the web already.


After premiering on Access Hollywood yesterday, the trailer for "The Punisher" is available online today at Apple's website, and it'll be in theatres as of tomorrow.


Superherohype notes that visual effects company Eden FX will do 125 shots for the Guillermo del Toro-directed film.


Uber-producer Joel Silver talked to those guys at CHUD, and in between hyping some small indie film about a Matrix, he mentioned Hippolyta's little girl. "I'm doing Wonder Woman now and I have been tortured on how to do it in a fresh, unique way," Silver said. "I knew what was there in 'Revolutions,' I knew what we had done -- and yes, she flies on air currents, but how do you deal with that? Some of those moments when those two forces come together, it's pretty spectacular?" He also said that the Wachowskis "wrote a script for me for V for Vendetta, which is this great Alan Moore comic book - years ago -- and they've talked about producing it with me and bringing somebody in to direct it that they like. I mean, they're fantastic guys."


Brendan Fraser is still stumping for the Clark Kent role. He told Sci Fi Wire, "I'm interested, I have been approached about it. It is a possibility. It really comes down to, I think, decisions made [at the] studio level way up on high."


Kryptonsite has a new image gallery from the November 12 episode, and rumors about former guest stars who will break out of an asylum to come after Clark.


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