Static Shock, Constantine, Hellboy, X-Men 3, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 17th


Creator Dwayne McDuffie emailed us this new promo image for the next season, which should send continuity nuts into a tizzy with Robin, Batman Beyond, Commissioner Gordon and the elder Bruce Wayne all pictured with Virgil Hawkins.


Lifepress.com has two new galleries of photos from the set of the Keanu Reeves film. The first gallery has shots of Keanu, all ruffled, from an October 6th shoot around a fire escape (similar to shots that have been seen online already) and in a bathrobe. The second gallery shows a pistol-packing Rachel Weisz handling a crisis situation. Finally, Superherohype has a set report with cast and crew interviews.


Speaking of photos, the official site has new photos in its "Hell Media" section, and JoBlo.com has a new set of photos available as well.


Dark Horizons reports that Chris Cooper is not playing a villain, but in discussions for the role of Commissioner Gordon.


Dark Phoenix is ready for her close-up, according to producer Lauren Shuler Donner. She told Sci Fi Wire that Famke Janssen's power-up at the end of "X2" will play a part in the next sequel. "Will Famke [return]? Yes," Donner said. "And you know we have to [do the Dark Phoenix storyline]. We kind of left that out there. So we have to follow that thread, along with some other stories. Yeah. We're also going to develop a Wolverine movie at the same time, but it won't come out until after X3." Donner also hinted at big developments for Halle Berry as Storm.


Sci Fi Wire also talked to Debra Messing, the voice of Arlene in the upcoming feline flick. Messing said the performance was inspired by feline photos. They sent over a picture of a real cat," Messing said in an interview. "Not an animated cat, but a real cat. She was black and sleek and had a little sass to her, so there was a little bit to glean from that." The film is scheduled to be released June 18, 2004.


Sci Fi Wire gets the triple threat by cornering Tom Welling about his super-role as he hawked his new Steve Martin movie, "Cheaper by the Dozen." "At the beginning of the show, Clark didn't even talk," Welling said, "He was kind of a geek. Now, somehow, without any sort of obvious transition, he's this guy who's cool and hangs out with everybody. I'm not sure how that happened, but it did."


He's poised to take over the world -- "Astro Boy" will be joining the big Kids WB rollout on January 17, according to ICv2 with twenty five new episodes. Also look for the character on collectible trading cards in 4 million packages of Pop-Ice Popsicles, in kids' meals for Hardees and Carl's Jr next summer, and of course on the stands as part of Dark Horse Comics' lineup. Yowza!


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