Static gets his own comic again in 2011

DC Comics announced on their Source blog today that former cartoon star Static would get his own ongoing series again next year. Felicia Henderson, who has written the character before in the pages of Teen Titans, will write the title, while the art team will be announced at a later date.

“When I met Dan DiDio, the first character we ever discussed was Static," Henderson told the Source. "Writing Teen Titans gave me an opportunity to play with this character a little. Now he’s getting his own book and I’m writing it! I’m a big Dwayne McDuffie’s fan, so it’s a privilege to reimagine the coming-of-age of a character he created. If not for the big bang, Static would be a regular, awkward, teenage guy trying to find himself — chasing girls, playing video games, downloading underground mixes of his favorite music. Instead, he has no time to find himself because the call of the superhero has found him. It’s a comic book writing dream for me.”

Static was one of the four original titles published by Milestone Media back in the 1990s, and his title ended in 1997 when the comics line was shuttered. He made the jump to TV in the form of an animated series, Static Shock, and joined the Teen Titans shortly after the Milestone characters were merged into the DC Universe in 2008.

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