Starz's American Gods Casts Jeremy Davies as Jesus

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Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel "American Gods" has found Jesus. Jeremy Davies, who previously appeared on "Lost" and "Justified," will play the ever-humble "Son of God" amongst a pantheon of other deities, old and new, all clamouring to claim the one thing that sustains them: worship.

According to EW, the TV adaptation will show how Jesus chose to share the day of his resurrection with the pagan Goddess Ostara (in other words, Easter). But, after millennia of playing second fiddle to the meek Nazarene, Ostara’s patience could be finally running out and "turning the other cheek" may not be an option.

Davies was also listed as one of the cast members of the new "Twin Peaks" revival, which is set to debut on Showtime in spring 2017.

"American Gods'" plot gravitates around the devious All-Father Odin (played by Ian McShane,) who, after a fortuitous meeting on an airplane, hires the reformed ex-con Shadow Moon (played by "The 100" star Ricky Whittle,) to be his personal bodyguard. Shadow, a pragmatist en route to the funeral of his girlfriend who died in a car crash while he was in prison, takes the job. Of course he does so without knowing he's about to be sucked into a world of supernatural backstabbing and high-stakes collusion on a playing field the size of eternity.

In the run-up to the official trailer screening at SDCC in July, Starz had been rolling out a steady stream of cast acquisitions, with each announcement driving up the excitement to a fever pitch months before the release date in 2017. And not without reason, since Starz has been hand-picking some of the top multi-national talent from TV and Film to play the beloved characters from the award winning 2001 bestseller by Neil Gaiman.

Just to give an idea of a few of the stellar cast-members: Gillian Andersen is set to play one of the new gods Media, joined by her new-age messenger god Technical Boy played by new-comer Bruce Langley. Paul Schreiber ("Orange Is The New Black") will play the Irish leprechaun Mad Sweeny, and he will be joined in the cast of the old gods by Peter Stormare ("Fargo") as Czernobog, Jonathan Tucker ("Kingdom") as Low Key Lyesmith and "Sleepy Hollow’s" Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy.

Fans have been delighted to hear that, in addition to bringing on board writers and producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, Starz has maintained that author Neil Gaiman will have a hand in the project throughout as one of its Executive Producers.

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