Starz's 'American Gods' Adds Emily Browning

Starz has cast "Sucker Punch" actress Emily Browning in "American Gods," its adaptation of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed fantasy novel.

The drama follows an ex-convict named Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) who, upon early release from prison, is hired to be the bodyguard of a mysterious con man named Wednesday (Ian McShane). However, it’s soon revealed that Wednesday is an incarnation of All-Father Odin, who’s traveling America recruiting his fellow forgotten deities to wage an epic battle against the new American gods — manifestations of modern life and technology, like Internet, media and credit cards.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Browning will play Shadow's wife Laura, "who has been preparing for her husband's pending prison release. Little does she know that she will go on an unexpected journey that leads her to an epiphany about her relationship and affords her a second chance to get things right."

Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are the writers and showrunners, with David Slade on board to direct the pilot and additional episodes. Gaiman will join all three as an executive producer.

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