Starz Orders 1960s Mob Drama

If you always thought that Mad Men would be better if it was actually about the Mafia, you're in luck: Starz' new series Magic City sounds just like what you're looking for.

The cable channel has ordered 10 episodes of the new series from writer/producer Mitch Glazer (who'll write eight of them), about the tensions between politicians, mobsters and entertainers at a mob-run hotel in Miami during the period that Castro was taking control of Cuba. Explained Glazer:

I was born and raised in Miami Beach, grew up in those swank hotel lobbies. I love that world and those stories. Miami in the early ‘60s was a tropical crossroads, America’s Casablanca. The Rat Pack, CIA, the mob, JFK and anti-Castro warriors, all hanging out in the same Collins Avenue nightclub.

Expect a late 2011 debut.

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