Start reading now: Tales of a Checkered Man

A few months ago I started hearing buzz about a webcomic called Tales of a Checkered Man, but when I went to read it, I was dismayed to find that the creator had ignored all the standard webcomic tools, such as "next" and "previous" buttons, and instead posted his comic in an unreadably small format and forced readers to go through a series of steps to move from one strip to the next. So I gave up on reading it and posted a rant instead. Although I didn't call the comic out by name, the creator, Denver Brubaker, figured it out and responded so good-naturedly that I felt a little bad about it. But only a little.

Anyway, since he was such a good sport about it, I feel honor bound to tell you that he has relaunched the comic in a new website that has navigation, readable comics, all the bells and whistles, and you should go take a look at it. It's a gag strip riffing on Batman and other traditional superheroes, and it starts a bit slow, but Brubaker has a nice, unusual drawing style and some good gags. He's just starting a new story arc now, so this is an excellent time to jump on board. Enjoy!

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