Start Reading Now: Stop Paying Attention

Lucy Knisley's webcomics version of It Gets Better has been getting some much-deserved linkery; this one is aimed at all 16-year-olds, straight and gay, and it's dead on (although her experiences are a bit more extreme than most). What I didn't realize until I went to look at it, though, is that Knisley draws a regular webcomic, Stop Paying Attention. She only updates twice a month, but this is no three-panel gag strip; each self-contained episode is a full-page, full-disclosure look at a life issue that usually manages to be funny, painful, and truthful all at once. In between these episodes, according to her bio, Knisley (the author of French Milk) is working on a graphic novel about food for First Second; my day has already gotten better thanks to that news.

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