Start reading now: Stix & Bones

Think of it as Swamp Thing Lite: Darell Toland's Stix and Bones is a cheery, all-ages webcomic about a little girl named Bones and her bull terrier Stix. This is no saccharine girl-and-puppy comic, though: Bones's father is a genetic engineer, and some of his chemicals made their way into the family graveyard, resurrecting her grandmother as a tree and some of the other relatives as zombies. There's a zombie cat, too, a couple of crows who comment on everything, and an assortment of human friends. It's a nice evil-genius comic, smart-alecky but not mean, and although it's kid-friendly (well, for kids who are OK with zombies), the humor is smart enough for adults. Tolland's expressive art pulls the whole thing together nicely. The comic has been going since February so the archives aren't overwhelming; now is a great time to jump in and get up to date.

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