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Like all right-thinking people, James Biggie and Frankie B. Washington love a good giant-robot story, especially when the robot's beating up on giant monsters. That's why they've created a webcomic about just that. Inspired by '80s cartoons and toys like Gundam, Voltron and Mattel's Shogun Warriors, Robot God Akamatsu tells the story of an enormous, mechanical god who once protected Atlantis from monstrous threats and has returned to present-day Boston to serve the same purpose.

How that will impact the lives of college drop-out Jin and his super-scientist father is something that Biggie and Washington are just starting to explore, so now is a perfect time to check out the series. It uses Issuu as an interface and requires using your mouse to scroll around the page, but once you get used to that it's an easy, intuitive way to read a comic on the screen. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four.

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