Start reading now: Quantum Vibe

Scott Bieser was an early adopter of the webcomics-to-print model, and he has been putting a variety of entertaining sci-fi comics up on his Big Head Press site since 2005. His newest strip, Quantum Vibe, launched yesterday and will update daily. It looks like an interesting hybrid of soap opera and science fiction, with a harried heroine who manages to lose both her boyfriend and her job in the first few pages. The writing is solid (aside from the really weird swears) and Bieser's vision of the future is fun if a bit pat (nothing has a visible power source).

The other comics on the Big Head Press site include the alt-history Roswell, Texas and the action-packed La Muse. I noticed in their blog that they are putting their comics on Longbox and hinting that they might not be free online forever, so this seems like a good time to go check them out.

(Via Comics Worth Reading.)

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