Start reading now: New <i>Skin Horse</i> arc

Shaenon Garrity Tweeted yesterday that her webcomic Skin Horse is starting a new story arc, making this an excellent time to jump on board, if you're not reading it already. Co-written with Jeffrey C. Wells and illustrated by Garrity, Skin Horse is about a ragtag government agency whose mission is to help and protect "nonhuman sapients," such as robots, zombies and talking centipedes. The staff includes a human, a zombie, a talking dog, and a swarm of bees. As I noted in my review of the first print volume, the comic, done in gag-a-day format, starts with an implausible premise and just keeps piling on until you are helpless with laughter. The new arc is an opportunity to get on board and sample a new story before going deep into the archives.

Bonus content: Garrity and Wells just did a cute gag strip based on Dirk Tiede's Paradigm Shift, a police procedural with a supernatural plot twist, and another webcomic that's definitely worth bookmarking.

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