Start reading now: Michael DeForge's <i>Ant Comic</i>

It was easy to miss amid the seemingly neverending torrent of incredible comics pages he's posted to the Internet over the past couple years, but Michael DeForge, the Doug Wright Award-winning creator of Lose from Koyama Press, has quietly launched a biweekly webcomic called Ant Comic. Spinning out of a contribution to the newsprint anthology Smoke Signals from Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn, Ant Comic so far appears to be a series of standalone episodes in the lives of various ants, featuring exquisite coloring, existential angst, and deeply disconcerting imagery involving the fears and lusts of insects. DeForge is planning 50 installments, and he's only up to #3 right now; a new one goes up every other Monday. Cans of Raid not included.

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