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What on earth did we do before there was an internet? Sit around the fire and swap stories? This is so much better than that.

Horse_eBooks is a Twitter spambot that tries to gin up business for a site that sells, remarkably, e-books about horses. In order to elude detection, it also serves up random bits of text taken from God knows where. I used to get e-mails full of this stuff, but it turns out that what is merely tedious in long form is sheer genius when confined to 140 characters, and Horse_eBooks now has over 52,000 followers, many of whom see the text Tweets as bits of Dada poetry.

Enter Burton Durand, who has taken the whole thing to the next level with Horse-eComics, a gag comic that uses Horse_eBooks Tweets as a starting point. Durand's sense of humor is almost as twisted as a spambot's, and the comics have the same surreal feeling as the Tweets they are based on.

(Found via this article, which also tracks down the genius behind the spambot.)

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