Start reading now: Holiday Wars

After the whirlwind of news that was San Diego, it's nice to sit down and just read some comics. Here's one I discovered this morning: Holiday Wars, by Scott King (creator), Michael Odom (penciler), Guiseppe Pica (colorist) and Arturo Said (inker). Having such a big team explains why the comic looks so professional.

The basic idea is that the holidays (or their personifications) are all locked in some sort of epic struggle; the comic begins with the Easter Bunny torturing Santa Claus but then slips into a high-school drama storyline that is interrupted by a giant chick pecking the lacrosse coach to death. It's not quite as grim as that makes it sound, though; one of the fun things is that apparently all the holidays have personifications, including Administrative Assistant Day and Super Bowl Sunday. That leaves plenty of scope for King's sense of humor to come through, and as the comic is only 36 pages long so far, this is a good time to jump aboard — it's a quick read, and you get a nice chunk of story.

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