Start Reading Now | <i>Gracieland</i>, by Jimmy Gownley

Jimmy Gownley's Gracieland, co-authored with his old friend Ellen Toole Austin, is a gag strip about life in Catholic school from the point of view of the kids in the plaid uniforms. Gownley, who has 11 Eisner and five Harvey nominations for his comic Amelia Rules, is anything but preachy in these strips; Amelia fans already know that he has a genius for seeing things through a kid's eyes, warts and all. Already, with only eight strips up, Gracieland has broken new ground: Gownley said to me yesterday, "I think we are the only Catholic-themed web strip that used the word 'Fallopian' that wasn't about natural family planning."

Gownley will be live-Tweeting the creation of the Thanksgiving strip today.

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