Start Reading Now | <i>False Faces</i>, by David B and Hervé Tanquerelle

Head to Words Without Borders to read the first chapter of David B. and Hervé Tanquerelle's False Faces. It's a story about a gang of bank robbers, and the 17-page excerpt presented here focuses on the individual members of the team, introducing each one and setting them in motion to interact with one another, slowly building up a picture of the group and the genesis of their first bank heist. Unfortunately the excerpt ends in the middle of the action, leaving the reader waiting for more.

Translator Edward Gauvin gives a bit of context at his blog: False Faces (Les Faux Visages in the original) is based on a real Parisian gang of bank robbers, the Wig Gang.

I can't find any information, on the site or on the rest of the web, about whether anyone plans to publish this book in English, but I certainly hope that's in the works.

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