Start Reading Now | Ethan Nicolle's <i>Bearmageddon</i>

If you're a fan of Ethan Nicolle's work on the two volumes of Chumble Spuzz published by SLG Publishing or the webcomic he does with his little brother, Axe Cop, then you might like to know that he's writing and drawing another webcomic, Bearmageddon, with colorist Noah Maas.

The comic launched back in August and updates twice a week, so it won't take long to get caught up if you start reading from the beginning. The story is about a group of friends heading out on a camping trip around the same time as the discovery of Octobear, a bear with octopus-like tentacles, in the city's sewers, as well as a rise in bear attacks. Play foreboding music here ...

Bearmageddon is a finite story and Nicolle has an ending in mind, with plans to follow it with a print collection. It ought to be a fun ride along the way.

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