Start Reading Now (Again) | Ben Towle's <i>Oyster War</i>

Ben Towle (Midnight Sun, Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean) has been posting pages from his current project, the seaside adventure webcomic Oyster War for a while now on Tumblr. The trouble is, Tumblr's not all that friendly an experience for webcomics readers. Pages are difficult to navigate and since Oyster War is a "graphic novel in progress" (and new pages go up every two weeks) it's good to be able to flip back a page or two to remind yourself what's going on.

Fortunately, Towle's realized this himself and has switched the comic to its own site with traditional navigation buttons. He just started Chapter Five (reading 45 pages will catch you up), so it's a great time to jump in on a cool, fantastical comic about oyster pirates and the ragtag crew intent on ending their pilfering ways.

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