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Magnolia Porter wrapped up Bobwhite on Sunday, and graduation season seems like an appropriate time for a valedictory strip—one that reminds the characters that this is a new beginning.

Bobwhite is a gag strip about three college friends in an art school in Providence. Roughly speaking, Ivy is a sort-of normal illustration major, Marlene is a sophisticated film student, and Cleo is a ditz who yearns to design video games, but to describe them this way doesn't do the comic justice at all. Porter actually has a great description with the wrapup post:

I started Bobwhite because I wanted to write about girls who I felt were missing from the kind of college movies and tv shows I was watching. Girls who didn’t have life magically figured out, who talked about stupid stuff and wasted their time doing dumb things. Girls who couldn’t always get what they wanted and made mistakes as often as they made good decisions. Girls who I felt resembled myself and the people I knew. I also wanted to write about college as I experienced it- where there weren’t always wild parties to go to and amazing, crazy, life-changing events every other night.

The best part of college for me was hanging out with other women and cracking each other up. Bobwhite captures this nicely; Porter's art is pretty rough in the early strips, but the dialogue is spot-on. Three years' worth of strips is a generous portion, but you can read it in episodes (there's even a handy Semester Guide dividing it into chapters), so bookmark it and save it for a lazy summer day—or to help you procrastinate when you have to pull an all-nighter.

Porter has already launched a new comic, Monster Pulse, and she is also collaborating with Kel McDonald and Amanda Lafrenais on a vampire satire, Dracula Mystery Club.

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