Stars of Political Cartooning Archive

Here are the artists featured this month (Note: Since the choices are vast, I've decided to slim the numbers down a bit and eliminate living cartoonists. Perhaps I will do a current political cartoon stars in the future!) :

1. Thomas Nast

2. Honore Daumier

3. Bill Mauldin

4. David Low

5. Theodor Geisel

6. Herb Block (Additional Herblock gallery of presidential caricatures)

7. Robert Minor

8. William Hogarth (The Sequential Works of William Hogarth)

9. John McCutcheon

10. Oliver Harrington

11. Francisco Goya

12. Rollin Kirby

13. James Gillray

14. Edmund Duffy

15. George Cruikshank

16. Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling

17. John Tenniel

18. Philip Zec

19. Joseph Keppler

20. Doug Marlette

21. John "HB" Doyle

22. Vaughn Shoemaker

23. Homer Davenport

24. Carl Giles

25. Arthur Szyk

26. Daniel Fitzpatrick

27. Will Dyson

28. Boardman Robinson

29. Clifford "CK" Berryman

30. Jeff MacNelly

31. Art Young

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