Starlord Rounds Out "Marvel NOW! Point One" Dossiers

October kicks off the next phase in Marvel Comics' publishing plan with Marvel NOW!, and the publisher has ramped up excitement for the initiative all week long with teasers hyping "Marvel NOW! Point One," an introduction to the movers and shapers of the future Marvel U. As teased at Comic-Con International 2012, Marvel released a teaser image by Adi Granov of Marcus Johnson, AKA Nick Fury, Jr., tossing five dossiers at the reader with five question marks. First, the publisher revealed Cable. Then, Nova, the human rocket. Ant Man brought the total to three. That number doubled yesterday with a three-for-one dossier bringing Kid Loki, Wiccan and the new Miss America to the party. Now, the image is complete with Guardians of the Galaxy leader Starlord depicted in his full glory. Starlord's inclusion in the "Point One" issue is little surprise, considering the Guardians of the Galaxy are subject of Marvel's most recently announced Phase Two film. Whatever Starlord and the Guardians' role may be, the mystery of who will "shape the Marvel Universe," as teased in the previous Marvel NOW! teaser, with undoubtedly be revealed later this year.

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