Starlin's "WTF Certified" Cover Hints At Major Changes in "Stormwatch"

DC Comics fans who last month were doggedly trying to figure out which book creator Jim Starlin was taking over based on the solo character sketches he was posting online now have a new game: Figuring out exactly what he's doing with "Stormwatch" this spring.

Yesterday on his Facebook page, the legendary artist showed off inked versions of two incoming "Stormwatch" covers, including April's "WTF Certified" gatefold - the second gatefold revealed after "Detective Comics'" WTF gatefold was shown in the latest Previews catalog -- which adds some classic Starlin wrinkles to the team. Aside from a Monitor-like villain in the main piece, the artist seems to be incorporating a New 52 version of his character The Weird into the secret superteam's lineup alongside a number of other cosmic/space-faring cast members - including Apollo and Midnighter.

Later, Starlin also showed off some more far space battles for the book in a cover that focuses on Apollo and Midnighter in garb resembling their classic "Authority" costumes rather than their New 52 redesigns, hinting at an ongoing storyline dealing with the cross-dimensional characters from the previous issue's cover.

What this means for the story of "Stormwatch" moving forward is, of course, anyone's guess, and judging by Starlin's own words, he has plans that run for the forseeable future. "I just finished writing and penciling the cover for issue #23 and am having a great time working on the title," the writer/artist posted on Facebook. "So budget accordingly. I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon."

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