Starlin Hints At New "Infinity" Stories, Larger Cosmic Epic

In a response to the latest installment in Chad Nevett's epic review of "Thanos vs. Hulk" #1 on CBR blog COMIC SHOULD BE GOOD, writer and artist Jim Starlin outlined the scope of his cosmic story currently unfolding in his current Marvel work. The reveal, posted as a comment to the latest entry in Nevett's Another View series, revealed that Starlin has two OGNs slated for after the release of "Thanos: The Infinity Relativity" this summer.

I, too, agree with the vast majority of this unbelievably comprehensive dissection of the Thanos vs The Hulk miniseries. It was always meant to be nothing more than another installment in the rather lengthy tale I am telling for Marvel during my current hanging around. Chronologically, it should be read Thanos Annual #1, Thanos vs the Hulk, The Infinity Revelation and will conclude in The Infinity Relativity, The Infinity Entity (Warlock's) and, finally, The Infinity Finale (next year).

For those who stay with me until the end,I think you'll enjoy the ride and thanks for your support.

This comment from Starlin features the first mention of "The Infinity Entity" and "The Infinity Finale." As detailed in his comment, the creator's current cosmic epic began last summer in "Thanos Annual" #1 and continued a few months later with the release of the OGN "Thanos: The Infinity Revelation." The four-part "Thanos vs. Hulk" series concluded on March 25.

CBR News has reached out to Marvel Comics for more information.

This isn't the first time Starlin has let a cosmic epic unfold across a number of different Marvel titles. During his early days at Marvel, Starlin used a number of titles to lay the groundwork for what would become Marvel's cosmic universe. An issue of "Iron Man" by Starlin in 1973 introduced both Drax and Thanos, two characters that he continued to build upon with runs on "Captain Marvel," "Strange Tales" and "Warlock" throughout the rest of the '70s.

"Thanos: The Infinity Relativity" arrives in June.

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