Star Trek's Frakes Doesn't Think Tarantino's Take Will Get Made


Star Trek fans got quite the surprise late last year when it was announced that famed director Quentin Tarantino was developing an R-rated Star Trek film for Paramount. While the project has since secured a writer to further develop Tarantino's pitch, one Star Trek alum remains doubtful it'll actually happen.

At a recent panel for Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, Jonathan Frakes, who is best known for playing Will Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, was asked about his feelings concerning the potential reboot and the actor responded rather honestly. "I’m fascinated by the possibility of this," he said. "I am not convinced that it is going to be real and I am not sure that Quentin’s gestalt and what he is known for is quite in the same wheelhouse of what we have known Star Trek to be."

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It has been quite some time since The Next Generation aired, however, Frakes has remained involved in the Star Trek world, working on every Star Trek series, as well as some of the films, since then -- even directing a recent episode of the CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Discovery. So, it isn't entirely surprising to hear that he's not entirely sure the legendary director is the right fit for the franchise. Still, he does remain optimistic about the project.

Shortly after the news of Tarantino developing a Star Trek movie broke, Frakes texted J.J. Abrams, has overseen the most recent Star Trek films, to confirm that the project was real. And much to his surprise, Abrams confirmed that the project is, in fact, happening and that it's going to be "wild."

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For now, Frakes remains cautious. Although he feels Tarantino can surprise everyone and successfully deliver an R-rated film that's still very much Star Trek at its core, he's still not entirely sure it'll come to fruition.

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