EXCLUSIVE: Stargirl's Rating, Tone Will Separate It from Titans & Doom Patrol

When Stargirl sets out on DC Universe, she'll be on her own. Though he wouldn't rule out the possibility of a crossover in its future, creator Geoff Johns revealed the upcoming live-action series will be largely separate from its sister shows Titans and Doom Patrol, especially in tone.

"For me, Stargirl was its own show with the Justice Society. That doesn't mean we wouldn't eventually do something, but the goal is just to make a great Stargirl show right now, and -- if it happens to interconnect in the future with other things -- great," Johns explained to CBR at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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"I love that it's such a different tone than Titans or Doom Patrol that we're working on, because the service... DC Universe, the channel -- it's bigger than a channel, I guess, because it's got comics and everything else -- but it should have different types of shows, just like on Netflix," he continued. "I love Ozark and I love GLOW, you know? And they're very different shows, and I think it's important to have a diversity of tones instead of everything fitting the same tone. I wanted to do Stargirl for a variety of reasons but part of it was to do something that was a lot of fun and young, really young."



Asked for clarification on the show's target audience, he added, "It'll be PG-13, but it really is for everybody, you know? It's for adult fans like us and it's for kids. I think everybody will be able to watch Stargirl, which is part of the appeal to it because you have generations of heroes."

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In its first trailer, Titans made it abundantly clear that the series is geared towards an older audience. As posted to DC's official YouTube account, the trailer bears a "TV-MA" warning. Then, after several scenes of graphic violence, Robin boldly declares, "Fuck Batman." Since Johns lumped Doom Patrol together with Titans, it seems likely the two will have a similarly gritty approach. However, per Johns' comments above, it looks like Stargirl will head in a very different direction, at least in tone.

Stargirl joins the previously announced Titans, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing live-action dramas. Other original content already announced includes an animated adult-aimed Harley Quinn series and Young Justice: Outsiders, a continuation of the fan-favorite Young Justice cartoon.

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