Stargirl TV Logo Unveiled For DC Universe

The logo for DC Universe's Stargirl live-action series was revealed last night during the streaming service's premiere of its daily talk show, DC Daily.

The logo features the letters in Stargirl's name filled in with a light blue color, with the star symbol occupying the front of the name and the center of the letter A.

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The unveiling of the Stargirl logo was among a flurry of announcements during the DC Daily live stream. DC Universe also revealed the service will launch on September 15, with the live-action Titans debuting on October 12. Character portraits for Titans were also released, along with a video clip for Young Justice: Outsiders.

The series will feature Courtney Whitmore uncovering the secrets of her family and the Justice Society of America. It will debut in 2019 with a 13-episode Season 1, developed by Geoff Johns’ production company, Mad Ghost. The hero debuted in 1999, a co-creation of Johns and Lee Moder. Stargirl’s appearance and mannerisms were inspired by Johns’ sister, who was among the victims of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

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Stargirl joins the previously announced Titans, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing live-action dramas. Other original content already announced includes an animated adult-aimed Harley Quinn series and Young Justice: Outsiders, a continuation of the fan-favorite Young Justice cartoon.

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