Stargate: Daniel Jackson TPB

Story by
Art by
John Watson
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Daniel Jackson has always been something more than an action hero. He's Sherlock Holmes combined with Indiana Jones-someone who is all about the puzzle-and how to solve it. In this story, he is confronted by what appears to be an Ancient Treasure Map-one that might lead to untold riches-or useful knowledge. In order to preserve that knowledge, he asks permission to follow the map on his own-no Valla who might be tempted to steal everything she found. No Cameron Mitchell, who might (accidentally) start a war. And so, on his own, Daniel walks through the Stargate and finds himself on a world the Ancients used as a storehouse-and he is not alone on that world. Treasure seekers from many worlds have found their way there.

All have been trapped by the Ancient's security system. Daniel Jackson has to find a way to defeat the security system, find the treasure-and stay alive while doing so. The fact that two beautiful women have their eyes on him makes it that much more difficult...

Collection Features:

Issues one through four of the hit series by writer Doug Murray (The Nam) and artist John Watson.

All of the series covers by Chasen Grieshop

An inside look at Dynamite's Stargate: Vala Mal Doran trade paperback.

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