10 Times Starfire Was The Most OP Character In The DC Universe

Starfire's powers are pretty impressive. The Tamaranean princess known as Koriand'r can harness ultraviolet energy which allows her to fly, gives her superior strength and the ability to project ultraviolet star bolts. With a resume like this under her belt, it is no wonder that Starfire has been an integral member of the Teen Titans for decades.

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Throughout the different adaptions of her character in comics, animation, and live-action, Starfire's powers have made for a visually impressive spectacle. It is easy to speculate as to the exact limits of the Tamarean's powers, and with these examples of her most almighty deeds, there is a plethora of evidence to examine. Here are ten times Starfire was the most OP character in the DC Universe.

10 Starfire Vs. Blackfire

Throughout DC history, Starfire's main nemesis has always been her sister, Blackfire. The Tamaranian princess was sold into captivity after being betrayed by Blackfire, though both sisters were captured by the Psions and given their abilities to use star bolts after a series of sick experiments.

In the animated Teen Titans series, Starfire does not know from the beginning that it was Blackfire who betrayed her. The two characters have an additional battle after Starfire returns to Tamaran with the Titans and beats her sister in a fight for the Tamaranian crown.

9 Defeating Lady Styx

Starfire has been a member of more than one superhero group. Whilst working with the Outsiders, Koriand'r defeated Lady Styx with the help of Lobo after convincing the villain to work alongside them.

This battle had dire consequences for Animal Man, who seemingly perished. However, after Starfire returns his coat to his family she finds her former teammate alive and well after all and decides to stay with him for a while.

8 Training With Animal Man

During Starfire's stay with Animal Man, the Tamaranian princess trains with Buddy Baker after losing and regaining her ultraviolet powers. It is during this training sequence that readers see a significant increase in Starfire's already impressive abilities.

Starfire returns to the Titans after each member of the group is attacked by Trigon and his three sons. This leads to another team-up as Starfire, Nightwing, Raven, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Cyborg, Red Arrow, and Troia reunite to take on Raven's demonic father once and for all.

7 Destroying The Justifiers' Helmets

Starfire has found herself captured by enemy forces more than once throughout DC history. After the Titans reunite to defeat Trigon, the Tamaranian princess is taken by the Justifiers and once again finds herself at the merciless hands of her foes.

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Starfire eventually escapes, though she is filled with rage due to the trauma of what happened to her. In an explosive sequence, Starfire uses her powers to destroy the Justifiers' helmets in a powerful symbolic moment.

6 Fighting The Titans

Teen Titans paid homage to DC Comics, as well as showcasing each Titan's strength and backstory. After Starfire initially escapes the Gordanians whilst being transported to the Citadel, the superpowered alien breaks free and lands on Earth.

This leads to an almighty fight against the Titans, who assemble for the first time to battle with the confused Tamaranian. Eventually, Robin realizes Starfire is more scared than dangerous and removes her restraints, which leads to Starfire teaming up with the Titans to take on the intergalactic slavers.

5 Blowing Up The Bad Guys

Starfire has had several incarnations in the comic books and on the small screen. During the first episode of Titans, the audience is introduced to an amnesiac Kori Anders (played by Anna Diop) who wastes no time showcasing her deadly abilities.

After being shot at by mobsters, Kori throws her hand in front of her and accidentally releases a powerful burst of flaming ultraviolet energy that burns the bad guys to a crisp. It is not Starfire's traditional star bolts but the visuals of Kori's fire remain an interesting depiction of the alien's powers.

4 Beating Up Thugs

Kori's character has had several impressive action sequences so far in Titans and has demonstrated that she does not necessarily need her fiery abilities to be deadly. After she and Rachel (Teagan Croft) are accosted in a diner, Kori calmly tells Rachel to wait in the car before beating up the thugs in quick succession.

Starfire may have additional powers but her experience in combat is not to be taken lightly. In the comics, Starfire trains with the Warlords of Okaara extensively to hone her hand-to-hand martial arts skills alongside Blackfire before her sister's betrayal.

3 Fighting With The Furies

Another of Starfire's team-ups from DC Comics include the Tamaranian's tenure with the Amazons' Furies. During Flashpoint, Kori is shown to be a solid member of the group, demonstrating her formidable skill and status with the warriors of Themyscira.

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This does not ultimately end well for Starfire, however. In a tragic turn of events, she is killed by Dick Grayson after the former Robin blows up a building with her inside.

2 Blowing Up Agnews Asylum

After being captured by The Organization, each member of the Titans finds themselves the subject of a series of horrible experiments intended to explore the limits of their abilities. After Kori's supply of ultraviolet energy is exhausted, she is experimented upon whilst wide awake in a gruesome scene that calls back to her origin story in the comics.

Kori is rescued by the Titans and exacts her revenge in a tremendous display of power. The enraged alien uses her powers to blow up the entire facility, calmly walking away from the explosion afterward.

1 Gaining A New Power

Teen Titans gave Starfire an additional power in season two's "Transformation." After undergoing a series of disturbing body changes, Starfire flees Earth in shame before landing on a seemingly uninhabited planet and being confronted by the Chrysalis Eater.

Starfire learns that she is simply undergoing her Transformation, a Tamaranean form of puberty, and is about to become a chrysalis. She is almost eaten by the Chrysalis Eater before being saved by the Titans, and upon emerging from the chrysalis, she discovers that she can now project ultraviolet beams from her eyes.

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