Bethesda Unveils New Single-Player Space Epic Starfield

starfield announcement trailer

Hoping to cash in on the success of DOOM, Rage and the Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks has unveiled a teaser trailer for its upcoming space epic Starfield. In development since 2013, Bethesda is officially blasting off into the cosmos with the next-gen single-player game.

Rumors have swirled about the title since 2013, when Bethesda trademarked "Starfield." Some fans had already tipped Starfield for a possible E3 announcement, but it still came as a surprise inclusion alongside a DOOM sequel and details about the online multiplayer Fallout 76.

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As well as the game's announcement, a first-look trailer revealed a little bit of what gamers can expect from Starfield. Coming toward the end of Bethesda's packed E3 presentation, Starfield is already being tipped as Elder Scrolls in space

Considering the game was rumored to be unveiled at E3 2017, the road to Starfield had been a long one. The wait is now over, however, as Bethesda confirms Starfield is on its way. Although no actual gameplay is presented in the trailer, Bethesda is teasing a massive game on the scale of its other open-world juggernauts.

Alongside Microsoft's huge E3 display, Bethesda pulled out all the stops to showcase what the studio has been working on recently. With E3 serving as little more than a taste of Starfield, there is currently no further information or a release date for the title. As Bethesda's first new franchise in 25 years, Starfield could be one to watch from the gaming giant.

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