Starbrand & Nightmask #1 (UNLETTERED)

Beings of unspeakable power. Former Avengers. Cosmic entities who have defended Earth at the far reaches of the cosmos. Yet their greatest adventure is upon them - going to college! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside STARBRAND & NIGHTMASK #1 - a new ongoing series from critically acclaimed writer Greg Weisman (Kanan: The Last Padawan) and rising star artist Domo Stanton (Deadpool)! Imbued with tremendous cosmic power and almost zero life experience - nothing will prepare them for the likes of class registration, choosing a major and midterms. Learning to be the heroes they were meant to be whilst learning all there is to know about sharing a dorm room. It takes more than superpowers to be a hero. Witness the rise of two galactic saviors as Weisman & Stanton bring you a titanic twosome in December's STARBRAND & NIGHTMASK #1!

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