Star Wars Toy Turns C-3PO Into a Samurai


C-3PO has held many off-kilter roles across the entire history of the Star Wars franchise, including protocol droid, false deity, unwilling battle droid and the head of a spy organization. However, a new figure from Japan reimagines the character as something else entirely: A samurai from feudal Japan.

Japanese toy company Tamashii Nations has released a posable figure of the fan-favorite golden droid as an Edo Period samurai complete with the traditional armor, cloth pants and metallic top knot. Additional accessories include a red drinking gourd tied to C-3PO's waist and a fan adorned with the familiar Rebel Alliance logo. Finally, Threepio's face has been slightly redesigned to give it a pronounced brow and pursed lips in the tradition of classical Japanese art.

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Standing at 7.3 inches, the figure comes with a retail price of approximately $86.60 and is available to purchase online.

The figure is the latest addition to Tamashii's line of classic Star Wars characters reimagined as feudal Japanese warriors including popular redesigns of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, an Imperial Stormtrooper and Royal Imperial Guard.

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(via Sora News 24)

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